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Now You See Me 3 Confirmed, Latest News, Release Date and Update about the Sequel

Now You See Me 3 is officially announced and we got the latest scoop of information about the much awaited sequel.  The title of the film is yet to be officially confirmed but many fans speculate that Now You See Me 3 will be called as Now You See Me – The Third act. Some consider it to be the final film in the series and thus it will conclude a trilogy. So it might get a name like Now You See Me – The Final Act.

The heist thriller film series began in 2013 with Now You See Me. It was a surprise hit and with a budget of $75 million it was able to pull off a good amount of $335 Million. Not only the film was able to gross 5x profit but also build a good fan base. Summit Entertainment was quick to announce a sequel. Just like The Expendables, Summit signed up an ensemble cast for the sequel along with the original actors.

Now You See Me failed to impress critics at rottentomatoes and Metacritic but it surely was loved by fans. This is because the film got impressive ratings on IMDB. Now You See Me – The Second Act followed the footsteps its predecessor. The sequel too failed to impress critics but fans liked it and it was able to earn $334 million at box office against a budget of $90 million.
Now You See Me 3 Release Date
An important news regarding Now You See Me 3 came out in July 2016 when the producers confirmed that Isla fisher won’t return for the second sequel too. Isla was unable to shoot for Now You See Me – the Second act because she was pregnant at the time. However there were rumors circulating that she might be sign up for the third installment. The studio confirmed that Isla has declined the offer and she has left the series.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Lizzy Caplan (replacement of Isla Fisher) will play the role of Four Horsemen whereas Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman too will be the part of third instalment. As of now, Summit Entertainment is yet to confirm about the complete star cast of Now You See Me 3. Whether Daniel Radcliffe and Michael caine will return or not is yet to be seen.

As far as the plot of the film is concerned it is kept under the wraps and we would like it that way. This is a heist film and we, as audience, love the shock factor of Now You See Me Series. The release date of Now You See Me 3 is not made official by Lionsgate but we will not see it before 2018 (probably a May 2019 release date). It will be interesting to see if Now You See Me series turns out to be as profitable as Fast and Furious series or will it just conclude with a third film.