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Minions 2 Release Date, Plot, wiki and Latest News

According to the latest buzz Minions 2 is in talks and if everything goes as planned then we can see Minions 2 by 2019. Here is all you need to know about the sequel of Minions film including its release date, plot and latest news.

It is almost impossible for new animation companies to challenge the legacy of Disney studios. Pixar tried it successfully in the 90s but this Steve Jobs’ company was purchased by Disney in 2006. Dreamworks is competing with Disney-Pixar since late 90s but this company too struggles to produce cult classic and global hits like Disney animated movies. In such scenario, Illumination entertainment stepped in as a serious threat when it introduced Minions in 2010 film Despicable Me. The little yellow bundle of joy became every Kid’s favourite toy in the next 2 years. Illumination Entertainment knew the about the possible royalties the minions could bring for the company. So they took benefit of the Minions legacy and came up with a Sequel Despicable Me 2 in 2013. The sequel was a blockbuster and stood among the cult classic Disney movies in terms of box office collection. The company gave special gift to fans in the end credits of Despicable Me 2 and foreshadowed about the upcoming Minions movie.
Minions 2 Release Date
Minions was released in July 2015 and even though it received mixed reviews from critics but it went on to become the second highest grossing animated film of all time (just behind FROZEN). Minions crossed the golden $1 billion mark and it ensured that a sequel will surely follows. Illumination Entertainment kept the plot and release date of Minions 2 under wraps but ensured fans that a sequel is in works.

Minions showed us that how the cute little banana loving minions met their future master Gru. Although the plot of Minions 2 is yet not made official but we believe that Minions 2 will also focus on the early and younger days of Gru and his minions. Minions is placed among the most profitable films of all time as the film was made with a budget of just $74 million and grossed nearly $1.15 billion. This place the movie in the line of Paranormal activity movies which also earned huge profit as compared to the investment involved.

Minions 2 Release Date

Despicable Me 3 will release on 30 June 2017. The film will focus on Gru’s rivalry against a former child star who is obsessed with his movie characters. We strongly believe that the end credits of Despicable Me 3 will tell us about the future and plot of Minions 2. As far as the release date of Minions 2 is concerned then the sequel will not release any time before fall 2018. The best bet is summer 2019 where it might coincide with the most awaited movie of decade Avengers 3. Let’s hope that the producers find a proper release date of Minions 2 and the sequel gets as successful as the original movie.