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Chappie 2 Latest News, Wiki and Release Date

Even though Chappie failed to impress critics but it gained a cult fan following who are waiting for Chappie 2 since the release of Original film. Here is latest update about the sequel of Chappie and what it will be all about.

Chappie released worldwide in March 2015. The movie created a lot of buzz before release as it starred actors like Hugh Jackman, Sigourney weaver and Dev Patel. Moreover the movie was coming from the hit duo of South African director Neil Blomkamp and actor Sharlto Copley. The duo gave cult classic sci fi film District 9 in 2009. The sequel of District 9 is also in talks but here we will only discuss about Chappie 2.

Chappie was not a success – neither commercially not critically. But the audience liked the concept and hoped that director Neil could come up with a better story line in the sequel. Neil on the other hand confirmed that he has a trilogy in mind for the Chappie movie. Although he was saddened by the negative reviews of the film but he ensured that he will shut every critic’s mouth with a good sequel.
Chappie 2 Release Date
In Chappie we saw that how the titular robots start feeling and understanding emotions. By the end of the film Chappie installs Yoalndi’s (a human being who sacrificed herself to save two robots) memory into a robot. So in the sequel we might see Chappie going all rogue and the movie get a treatment like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Another interesting storyline would be to make humans the evil people who want to destroy all the conscious robots in the world. The sequel could get a Terminator like sequel but in that scenario it would require a lot of action and a strong plot that makes people feel connected to it.

As Chappie took place in South Africa, so if the director wants to make it a global brand then he needs to take it global. An American setting would be a better choice (possibly New York or Los Angeles). Hugh Jackman will not return for Chappie sequel and this gives a chance to director Neil to cast a new face. Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy could easily play the action hero for the film.

Another thing that could make Chappie a fruitful franchise would be to link up with District 9 series somewhere. Robots and Aliens fighting each other on our planet – That would be awesome. Although we have seen similar concept in Transformers series but Chappie could establish itself as a unique and beneficial franchise. The release date of Chappie 2 is yet to be made official by Neil but we believe that the film will not release any time before 2019. Chappie 2 will probably release by the end of 2019 where it might collide with a Star Wars film.