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Big Hero 6 2 Latest News, Wiki and Release Date

Big Hero 6 2 might be titled as Big Hero 7. There were reports online that Big Hero 6 sequel might be dying down the lane as Disney studios is focusing more on the Big Hero 6 TV series which premieres in 2017. Thankfully Don Hall and Chris Williams (directors of Big Hero 6) confirmed that Big Hero 6 will indeed take place and they might add up a seventh superhero to the roaster. Here is latest news and plot information of Big Hero 6 sequel along with possible release date.

First of all, I want to clear that many consider Big Hero 6 to be original Disney film but it is actually adapted from Marvel comics of same name. On the other hand, many believe Big Hero 6 to be linked up with the Marvel cinematic Universe but in no scenario the Big Hero 6 story line will relate with the on-going war between The Avengers and Thanos. It is just a Disney film that is inspired from Marvel comics. That’s it.

Now moving on to the movie sequel, Big Hero 6 2 is in talks since 2014 but the studios were proposed for a TV series. Disney got impressed from the plot of TV series and ordered it for its channel Disney XD. Big Hero 6 TV series reduced the chances of a possible sequel but later it was confirmed that the TV series will just act as an extended arc of the Big Hero 6 saga.
Big Hero 7
Talking about the possible sequel Chris Williams stated in 2016 that they are considering adding one more superhero to the team. Also the sequel will be in continuity with the TV series thus confirming that both the TV series and movie series will be part of bigger story line.

So what can we expect from Big Hero 6 2 or Big Hero 7? In the Marvel Comics Universe Big Hero 6 have ties with X-men and often the story line of two teams cross over with each other. As the movie has no relation with X-Men universe or even with the marvel universe so this means that we are going to see a unique story line. According to several online rumors, Hiro’s big brother Tadashi who died in an explosion will come back to life as a villain. He will serve as the main villain of the sequel. If this happens then the sequel would be panned critically. This is because the death of Tadashi played a vital role in changing the life of main hero Hiro and his relationship with Baymax. Rerouting the story line with such idiotic angle would only hurt the sequel and its ratings. We hope that the writers come up with a different and more powerful story line.

The release date of Big Hero 6 2 is yet to be announced but we believe that the sequel will follow up after the end of season 1 of Big Hero 6 TV series. This means that the Big Hero 7 will enter production stage in Fall 2017 and it might release in Fall 2019.