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Scream Queens Season 3 Release Date Announced by FOX (Fall 2017)

American Horror Comedy TV Series Scream Queens has gained a good fan base with just one season. Scream Queens opened up with its second season on 20th September 2016. Looking from the stats and the critical reception it is now safe to say that Scream Queens will be renewed for a third season.

Although Scream Queens Season 3 is a given but there is still no official confirmation about the release date of season 3 of Scream queens. Fox is very much satisfied from the performance of Scream Queens on television. Season 2 will come to an end in December 2016 and fans are already wondering when Scream Queens will return to TV with third season.

The trio of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan came up with the idea of Scream Queens. All three of them stated that they were very much impressed from the classic slasher movies of 80s and 90s. They always wished to recreate the magic of this horror sub-genre that was dying down in recent years. That’s where Scream Queens came in. Obviously one reason for the success of the early slash movies was that only a heroine was able to overcome the killer and unmask it. Ryan, Brad and Ian wanted to give female characters more important in the series so made it clear with the series title itself.

Fox agreed with the idea of the trio and ordered a 13 episode season 1 in September 2015. It was a hit and the second season released in 2016 was equally loved by fans. The star cast of Scream Queens include Emma Roberts and Lea Michele in lead roles along with several recurring and guest characters. The series is also known for having guest appearances of popular celebrities including Colton Haynes, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas.
Scream Queens Season 3 Release Date
Scream Queen Season 1 followed the events around Kappa Kappa Tau sorority of Wallace University. It is being haunted by a Red Devil Mascot Serial Killer. Season 2 of Scream Queens focuses on another serial killer known as the Green Meanie. The killer is active in a hospital. Most horror tv shows often concludes a single story in one season and Scream Queens follow the same pattern. This means that Scream Queens Season 3 will focus on a different serial killer in different location with different characters.

Fox is yet to make the release date of third season of Scream Queens Official but we strongly believe that it will air around September 2017. Our notification system will automatically notify our subscribers about Scream Queens Season 3 release date.