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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Announced By Square Enix

Ten years has passed since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2. Ever since then fans are hoping, demanding and begging for Kingdom Hearts 3 but Square Enix kept the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 under wraps. That was until now but in November 2016, Square Enix finally confirmed the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3. Here is all you need to know about the much awaited video game and what are the features of the new Kingdom Hearts 3.

Avid fans of ‘Kingdom Hearts’ series already know that Kingdom Hearts will be third major sequel and eleventh instalment in the Kingdom Hearts Saga. The game is set in various kingdoms that are based on Disney properties including Big Hero 6 and Tangled. Fans are eagerly waiting that on which Disney world’s theme the third Kingdom Hearts gameplay will be based on. Most fans are suggesting Square enix to adapt a kingdom from the Marvel Universe and this way they can have their favourite marvel superheroes. Among other suggestions are the Final Fantasy world and Star wars World. Square enix has already cleared that the KOH3 will not be based on Final Fantasy world.
Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date
In October 2016, Sora’s new guard form was introduced by Kingdom Heart Twitter handle (@KingdomHearts) and it was very well received by fans. As Kingdom Hearts is one of the highly anticipated games to be released in 2017 that is why there are lots of rumours and spoilers circulating online. According to one major leak on Reddit it is rumoured that Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature an evil Baymax from the ‘Big Hero 6’ franchise. It is hard to imagine the evil version of the cute and lovable robot from the Disney movie. Let’s hope that Kingdom Hearts does not ruin the movie and the game for us. According to another leak Sora will team up with Goofy, Donald and King Mickey to find the key to hearts. He will fight against evil Baymax.

There is no official release date announced by Square Enix yet now but the company has teased an early 2017 release in cryptic tweets. Amazon has already added the product to its gaming database and the release date published on the site is 30 December 2016. But we believe it to be too early and SquareEnix might not release the product until February 2017. We are yet to get the official date of release of Kingdom Hearts 3. We will update our subscribers through email as soon as we get confirmed news about the availability of Kingdom Hearts 3 online.