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Pitch Season 2 Release Date Set For Fall 2017 by FOX

Fox new sports drama series ‘Pitch’ is getting lots of love from fans and critics. This is because of two reasons – First, The TV show dares to be different and in to the storm of mindless comedies of fall, Pitch stand out as a sport drama show with baseball as its core. Secondly the TV show is praised so much for the terrific performance of its actors that it will be a shock if Pitch Season 2 doesn’t happen. Let’s take a look on this brilliant TV series and what we can expect from the second season of Pitch.

Popular Screenwriter Dan Fogelman came up with the idea of Pitch and pitched it Fox Network. Fox was convinced by the concept and agreed on a TV series. Fox ordered the TV series in May 2016. The trailer of Pitch was released in July 2016. Pitch aired its first episode on 22 September 2016 and was viewed by 4.3 million viewers. The first season managed around 2.5 million viewers per episode. Pitch holds above 7 rating on IMDB and was certified fresh on RottenTomatoes with 93% ratings.

Pitch star cast includes Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Mike Lawson. Ali Larter and Tim Jo plays pivotal role in the series.
Pitch Season 2 Release Date
Pitch follows the life of young Ginny Baker. Ginny has unconditional love for baseball which was introduced to her by her father. Her father was a good baseball player himself. Ginny make it to the major league due to her performance in the minor leagues. She is known for her unique screwball pitch. She had huge expectations in her first match but she failed to deliver and this led to depression. Ginny however fought back the depression with the help of Mike. The series continues on how Ginny makes it big in the major league baseball.

The grand finale of Pitch aired in December 2016 and was watched by 4 million audiences. Actress Kylie bunbury has gained a decent fan following due her amazing performance on the show. Actor Mark commented on the future of the show saying that they will not back down just after one season. Pitch Season 2 will happen and they will start shooting second season in March 2017. Fox did not release any official statement regarding the future of Pitch TV series but addressing the positive comment of Mark we believe that Pitch Season 2 will happen. Although there is no update about the release date of Pitch Season 2 but we will update this post as soon as we get to know about it. Our subscribers will be notified automatically via email about Pitch Season 2.