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Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date and Wiki

Premiere Date of Log Horizon Season 3

Rogu Horaizun or popularly known as Log Horizon is a Japanese anime series that spawned up to 2 seasons. Fans are demanding for Log Horizon season 3 and NHK educational TV has nodded approval for the next season of Log Horizon. For those who don’t know about Log Horizon here is a brief overview for you.

Rogu Horaizun was written as a novel series by Mamare Touno who expanded the series to 10 volumes. Rogu Horaizun debuted as a novel series in 2011 and since then has met critical acclaim. Due to the highly positive reviews of the novel series it was picked up by NHK Education TV for anime series. By then the series has already been adapted into manga and gained a devoted fan following.

The first Season of Log Horizon released in 2013. It was followed by Log Horizon Season 2 in 2014. The unbelievable success of Rogu Horaizun attracted foreign TV networks and it was dubbed into English and broadcasted on Anime Network and is available on Crunchyroll as well.

Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon follows the life of Shiroe who is a shy but avid gamer. He is big fan of MMORPG game Elder tale which has released 11 volumes. When the twelfth expansion pack is launched a misfortune leads more than 30 thousand Japanese gamers into the virtual reality world of Elder Tale. Shiroe along with all other 30 thousand logged in users is transported into the virtual reality world. Everyone is donning his/her game avatar. Shiroe must team up with his friends to overcome the world of Elder tale and get back into the real world. Shiroe is actually a nerd student in real life but in the gaming world he is a deadly killer named Villain in Glasses. He befriends Akatsuki who herself is a student in real world but an expert assassin in gaming world. Shiroe’s best friend Naotsugu is the shield of the team.

There are many novel series with similar concepts (Gaming Virtual reality world). Most notable among them is Sword Art Online and No game No Life. However, Log Horizon is praised for its unique strategy of dealing with the unreal world. In fact many have cited Log Horizon as the leader of this new sub-genre of fantasy.

Log Horizon Season 1 was watched by more than 1 million viewers and this number increased to 1.5 million viewers by season 2. This obviously raises the question about the future seasons of Log Horizon. Log Horizon Season 3 should have happened in 2015 itself but the show seems to be in long hiatus after season 2.

Latest News is that NHK TV has approved for Log Horizon Season 3 and very soon we will get the news of the actual release date of Rogu Horaizun Season 3. Sign Up for our newsletter so that you can get all the latest updates about Log Horizon Season 3 directly to your mail box.