Suits Season 7 Release Date on USA Network

Premiere Date of Suits Season 7

The Next Episode of Suits Season 6 has already been postponed for February 2017. However USA Network has Confirm that Suits Season 7 will happen and it is possible that Suits Season 8 will follow up.

American Legal drama series Suits is one of the highest rated TV series right now. Suits has been praised for its intriguing storyline and perfect chemistry between characters. Suits Season 6 premiered in July 2016 but it released 10 episodes by September 2016. However in September 2016, Aaron Korsh the creator of Suits announced that the 11th episode of Season 6 will air in February 2017. This surely came as a hard news for fans who were deeply involved in the TV series. It would be hard to wait for what will happen next in the TV show.

Good News is that USA Network has announced that Suits Season 7 will premiere somewhere around summer 2017. Not only this but USA Network also stated that Suits Season 8 is also a possibility and it might be the last season of the series.

Suits is one of the most popular legal drama series in world. It holds a rating of 8.7 on IMDB and 8.5 on TV. Not only this but the TV show has been praised by rotten tomatoes with an approval rating of 77%. Suits Season 6 started the imprisonment of Mike. We already know that Mike’s secret of not holding a law degree and still operating a law firm is exposed in season 5 of suits. As Season 6 progress we get to know that Mike has befriended an inmate in prison named as Frank Gallow. It is later revealed that Frank was imprisoned by Harvey and he wants avenge it. Frank uses Mike to get back to Harvey. The series is right now on a cliff hanger so we are not sure about the future events.

One Good thing for Suits fan is that Season 7 might focus on the relationship of Harvey and his secretary Donna. Suits Season 5 and 6 have already teased the idea of Harvey and Donna starting a serious relationship. There are rumors that Suits season 7 will highlight their true relationship.

Suits Season 7

Suits had a good history of viewers in the beginning. Suits season 6 was watched by 4.8 million viewers. However, this number dropped to half (2.13 million viewers) by Suits season 5. Suits Season 6 has even lower stats with just 1.8 million viewers. Still it doesn’t mean that Suits has lost its fan base. In fact there are millions of Suits fans who want to know about Suits season 7.

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UPDATE (23 September 2016)- Latest Update is that Gina Torres who plays the role of Jessica pearson has left the show. She left the show because her contract expired in July 2016. You can catch her in another TV series named The Catch.