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USA Network to Cancel Eyewitness Season 2

Norwegian TV Show Oyevitne inspired the crime thriller TV series Eyewitness that premiered on USA Network. Even though the series failed to make a huge impact on the viewership but it was able to get positive response from critics and fans alike. To be very frank, Eyewitness is on the verge of getting cancelled but the above average ratings might push USA network to renew Eyewitness for Season 2. Here is all you need to know about Eyewitness Season 2.

Eyewitness was adapted from the Norwegian TV show Oyewitne. ‘Oyewitne’ itself was a one season show with just 6 episodes. It was not a cult classic or something but just an above average show that aired on TV in 2014. Asi Hasak, the creator of Eyewitness liked the Premise of Oyewitne and decided to give it an American Touch. USA network also liked the idea and ordered a direct 10 episode Season 1. USA Network announced about the show in January 2016. The pilot episode of Eyewitness aired on 16 October 2016 but it failed to gain above 1 million audiences. The Show managed to get 770K viewers for the episode and the number decreased to just 330K viewers per episode by the finale. The viewership of the show might be a debatable subject for USA Network executives but one thing that was positive for the show was the ratings. Eyewitness managed to get above 7 ratings on IMDB and 82% fresh ratings on RottenTomatoes.
Eyewitness Season 2 Release Date
Eyewitness begins with two boys witnessing the murder of a man in the woods by few other men. The two teenage boys, Phillip and Lukas decide to keep their mouth shut because it will expose their h0mo$exual side and they will be made fun of. Things take a U-turn when Philip’s foster mother Sherriff Helen Torrance decides to take the case in her hand to bring the culprit down. The two boys find themselves in a conflict of right and wrong.

Frankly Speaking, Eyewitness might just be a one season show because there is not much content to deliver. Eyewitness Season 1 came to an end in December 2016 and till now USA network has not confirmed about Eyewitness Season 2. There are very good chances that the eyewitness will get cancelled but USA network might take a risk and renew the show for a second season (given that they have enough content for second run). We are yet to confirm the status of Eyewitness but we will update this page as soon as we get any news about second season of Eyewitness. Don’t forget to subscribe us to get latest details about your favorite TV shows.