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Polygon Pictures Announce Ajin: Demi Human Season 3 Release Date

Japanese anime show Ajin: Demi-Human ended its second season in December 2016 and fans are already asking if Ajin: Demi Human Season 3 will happen or will the show get cancelled? This is because Ajin: Demi Human movie trilogy ended with the release of the third film in September 2016. Following the footsteps of its movie version; Ajin: Demi Human TV series might conclude with second season itself. Let’s have a look on the possibility of third season of Ajin: Demi Human and what can we expect from this anime show in future.

Manga illustrator Gamon Sakurai created the world of Ajin: Demi Human in 2012. The original manga series was a big hit and it was soon bought by Polygon Pictures for movie and TV adaptations. Polygon Pictures announced in 2014 that it is looking forward to an Ajin: Demi Human movie trilogy. The company also stated that if the movie is well relieved then the studio will expand it into a anime TV series. The first movie Ajin Part 1:Shodo was a big hit in Japan and Polygon pictures stated that it will adapt the series into a TV show.

Ajin: Demi Human tv series debuted on CBC, TBS and MBS on 16 January 2016. The first episode gained 1 million viewers and maintained a stable viewership of 1 million throughout its first season. The grand finale of Ajin: Demi Human was seen by 1.25 million viewers. Netflix was impressed from the success of the show in Japan and several other countries so it bought the rights for online streaming. Netflix released season 1 on its entirety on 12 April 2016. It further exposed the show to US audience and got rave reviews. As of now Ajin: Demi Human season 2 premiered on TV on 8 October 2016 and will conclude on January 2017. Netflix has announced that Ajin: Demi Human Season 2 will be released on its entirety in February 2017.
Ajin: Demi Human Season 3 Release Date
Ajin: Demi Human follows the life of a teen schoolboy Kei Nagai who discovers after a road accident that he is immortal- an ajin. Due to strict law towards Ajin, the government put a bounty on Kei’s head. Kei not only have to save himself but also have to prove that Ajin can also be helpful to society.

Polygon Pictures has stated that the show is getting positive response from critics world-wide so there are good chances that Ajin: Demi Human Season 3 will happen. However, the studio also stated that if Ajin: Demi Human continues for third season then it will be its last season. Polygon Pictures did not disclosed the release date of Season 3 of Ajin: Demi Human but our best gues is that it will be near Fall 2017. We are consistently in touch with latest news about the show and will update this page as soon as we get any news about third season of Ajin: Demi Human.