Club de Cuervos Season 2 Release Date Finalized in 2017 by Netflix

Netflix Original series are always loved by fans but no one ever thought that Netflix will produce a classic series in language other than English. After all Netflix is mainly subscribed by English speakers. Club de Cuervos has not only proved to be a cool sports drama TV series but also showcased that Netflix is able to grow its network in other countries. Club de Cuervos debuted on Netflix on 7 August 2015 and became on o the highest rated Spanish language show on Netflix. Even though show promised to have an engaging plot and characters yet we were left hanging after the finale of Season 1. Many fans are wondering whether Netflix has cancelled Club de Cuervos or will it be renewed for second season. Looking at the statistics of the show we think sooner or later Netflix have to come up with Club de Cuervos season 2. Here we briefly summarize the success of the show and why Netflix should bring up the second season of Club de Cuervos.

Gary Alazraki came up with the idea of Mexican sports drama TV series. He proposed the idea to online streaming company Netflix. After carefully evaluating the plot and theme of the show, Netflix agreed to produce the show. Netflix knew that the show needs to attract audience of both countries (Mexico and America) so Gary was asked to take help of other English writers. Gary readily agreed on one condition that he will direct the show.
Club de Cuervos Season 2 Release Date
Gary is good friend with Louis Mendez so he decided to cast him in the lead role. The star cast of Club de Cuervos was joined by Mariana Trevino and Stephanie Cayo. Mexican actor Daniel cacho was signed up for the role of Felix Domingo in 2015. The shooting of Club de Cuervos wrapped up in early 2015 and the first season of Club de Cuervos was released in its entirety on Netflix on 7 August 2015.

Club de Cuervos follows the story of a brother and sister who fight over his father’s empire. Cuervos FC is a Mexican football team which was owned by Salvador Iglesias Sr. Upon his death, Iglesias’s son Salvador Jr claims his right on the team to which everyone agrees. This does not go right with Iglesias Sr’s daughter Isabel who is passionate for the sport and has a vision for the team. Iglesias Jr is just arrogant man who wants to make quick money from the team. Though he wants his club to be next Real Madrid but in reality he has no vision and plan for it. Isabel on the other hand is a hard working person with short temperament. She has business ethics and a plan for his father’s team. She was the ideal candidate for chairman post but everyone rejected her because she is a woman.  The show continues with a legal battle between brother and sister along with their immediate relatives.

Club de Cuervos received above 8 ratings on IMDB and was given 80% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. According to Netflix the series was loved by both English and Spanish Speakers. Due to the positive response Netflix renewed the series for season 2 in October 2015 but since then there is no update about Club de Cuervos season 2. According to few online fans, Netflix might cancel the series to budget concern. We are continuously looking up for the latest scoop on Club de Cuervos Season 2. Our subscribers will be notified via email.