This is Us Season 2 Release Date Will be In Fall 2017 – NBC

NBC’s comedy-drama series This is Us has turned out to be the finest comedy series of fall 2016. This is Us has made us laugh and cry at the same time. This beautiful TV show surely deserves praise and This is Us Season 2 should definitely happen. Although it will be too early to comment on the future of the show but if you have seen it then you will surely understand how amazing This is Us is and how badly you wish to know about the future of the TV series. Here we take a look on the possibility of second season of This is Us and what can happen in it.

Screen writer Dan Fogelman came up with two wonderful TV series this year. One was Pitch that is creating lot of buzz lately and second was This is Us. Dan came up with the idea of This is Us in 2015 and pitched the idea to NBC channel. NBC decided to produce the show and ordered 10 episodes in May 2016. When the show got overwhelmingly positive response NBC extended the first season to 18 episodes in September 2016.

This is Us Premiered on NBC on 20 September 2016. The show was watched by 10 million viewers and it was because of the positive response of the trailer and TV spots.  The show has managed news about 8 million viewers per episode. This is Us will conclude its season 1 in February 2017 but fans are already thinking about season 2 of This is Us. There is no chance that This is Us will get cancelled and if it happens then NBC is surely losing a great show.
This Is Us Season 2 Release Date
This is Us follows the life of 6 people. Jack and Rebecca are married couple who are living in the 80s. Rebecca gives birth to triples in 1980 but one of them is stillborn. The couple decides to adopt another new born baby who was abandoned by his alcoholic father. This is story of past.

In present the three kids have grown up and are celebrating their 36th birthday. Kate has turned 36 and she is trying to overcome his weight problems. She considers her mother to be the reason of her weight issues. Her twin brother Kevin is a TV celebrity who unexpectedly leaves the show that made him star. Randall is their adopted brother who is now a successful businessman. He tracks down his father. Toby is Kate’s boyfriend who comforts her and accepts her as it is. The show focuses on various angles of human emotions.

Fox has not cleared its plan about This is Us Season 2. We will notify our subscribers about the release date of Second season of This Is us. Don’t forget to subscribe us.