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List of All Infinity Stones Of MCU and Where They are Right Now

Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Ironman in 2009 and there have been more than 2 dozen movies and TV series so far. Even though each movie and TV series depicts its own story at whole but together they make a bigger picture and that is the quest of Thanos to conquer all the Infinity stones. So what are these Infinity stones aka Infinity Gems and why Thanos is so desperate to have them. If you have followed all the movies of MCU then you already know that Thanos wants to make an infinity Gauntlet with these stones and that will give him powers beyond imagination. Here is your definitive guide of all the Infinity stones that showed up in MCU so far and what power do they pose. We also discuss about the remaining infinity gems that are yet to make their debut in MCU.

Space Stone aka Tesseract –

Infinity Stones List - Space Stone
First Seen- The first infinity stone introduced in MCU was Tesseract that debuted with Captain America in ‘The First Avenger’ film. Space stone was hidden under a church in Tonsberg. It was stolen was Red Skull who used it during World War. Later on the Stone played a bigger role in ‘Avengers Assemble’ as it was stolen by Loki who used it to open a space portal that led the army of aliens invading earth.

Last Seen – The stone was last seen in Thor: The Dark World where it was seen under possession of Odin. However we already know that Loki fooled Thor by masquerading Odin and let’s say he is currently the owner of Space Stone. It is very possible that he hands the stone over to Thanos as both have evil plans for the universe.

Powers of Space Stone – The Space stone (Blue color) kind of works like a Time-Space Portal. It makes the owner omnipresence as he can present to any or all part of the universe at the same time. This means that nothing will stay hidden from the user and he can see the whole universe in just one second.

Mind Stone –

Infinity Stones List - Mind Stone
First Seen – Mind stone made its debut in 2012 film The Avengers. It was given to Loki by Thanos. Loki used it hypnotized several beings on earth including Hawkeye.

Last Seen – Tony stark used Mind stone to create a Unique A.I. whom he named Vision (The Avengers: Age of Ultron). The mind stone is nestled in Vision who was seen possessing it in Captain America: Civil war too.

Power of Mind Stone – This stone (yellow color) makes the user conscious about the reality and fiction. It is called as the subconscious mind of the universe and makes user aware of all the reality in the world. It allows owner to control other beings in real world and in dream world too. Basically it can change the reality around the victim and that person can be used to do any work.

Reality stone aka Aether –

Infinity Stones List - Reality Stone
First Seen – We were introduced to Aether in Thor: The Dark world where Malekith tried to use to destroy the universe. It was kept in Asgard for long time but then it was hid somewhere at Planet earth. Isn’t it a bad idea to hide all the infinity stones on one tiny planet that is full of fools?

Last Seen – The stone was reclaimed by Thor who took it back to Asgard. The planet was already occupied with Tesseract aka Space stone and thank God asgardians understood about this fact and handed the gem to The Collector. We don’t know the real intentions of The Collector though.

Power of Reality stone – Basically it (Red Color) can create any kind of alternate reality that the user wishes. It is like a grant wishing genie and can do anything that the owner’s mind can think of, even if it is to push the whole universe back into the dark state.

Power Stone –

Infinity Stones List - Power Stone
First Seen – The Power Stone was first introduced in the now cult classic Guardians of the Galaxy. It was stolen by our favourite MCU character Starlord from a deserted planet.

Last Seen – The Guardians of the Galaxy saved the whole universe from Ronan’s destructive plans by stealing the Power stone. It was later handed to the corps of Nova who are currently keeping it at Planet Xandar.

Power of Power Stone – It (Purple Color) cannot be possessed by a Normal person as it is too powerful and can result in immediate death of the normal owner. Only supernatural beings like Thanos and Ronan can control it. Power stone is capable of boosting superpowers of superheroes. It can also boost power of other stones. It possesses all the energy that existed or will exist in the universe and is capable of wiping out entire universe.

Time Stone –

Infinity Stones List - Time Stone
First Seen – Doctor strange debuted with this powerful stone. Like the space stone and Reality stone, the time stone too was hidden on planet earth for some unknown reasons.

Last Seen – The stone was used by Doctor strange to create a loop of time where he dealt with dark dimension lord Dormammu to leave planet earth alone. Strange placed the stone back at Kamer-taj and now there is one infinitely powerful stones on planet earth.

Power of Time Stone – The time stone (green color) gives its owner the power to control time. It can create alternate timelines and give the user access to all the history of past and all the possible events of present and future. The user can stop time or speed up things or slow them down. Also as shown by doctor strange, this stone is capable of trapping the whole universe into an unending loop. Thanos would love to kill all the superheroes again and again using this stone.

Soul Stone –

Infinity Stones List - Soul Stone
First Seen – It is yet to be introduced in MCU but from the looks of Thor: Ragnarok trailer we assume that it is possessed by Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) who is using it to control and manipulate Hulk. Or it may be possessed by Cate Blanchett’s character Hela who destroyed Thor’s hammer without much struggle. Many redditors put forward a theory that the soul stone is long possessed by Heimdall. It is possible that the Grandmaster or Hela stole the stone from Heimdall.

Last Seen – There are very high chances that the fate of this stone will be decided in Thor 3.

Power of Soul Stone – In Comics, the stone (possibly orange color) is capable of manipulating souls of living or dead and using them as wished. Grandmaster and Adam warlock has successfully used this stone in comics. If used with other gems it can give the user power to control all kind of life forms in the universe. So basically it makes you god.

These are all the infinity stones that are being used in marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s see if Thanos will be able to make the infinity Gauntlet by collecting all the stones.