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List of Upcoming Female Superhero Movies in 2017, 2018 and 2019

Now that Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ is a blockbuster it is safe to say that major production companies are going to put their faith in female superhero movies. We are already getting our first Black superhero film and we obviously are super excited about that. Female superheroes have long existed in movies but until now no major studio showed interest or took risk in a solo female superhero film. However, the success of Wonder Woman has changed the game and suddenly the internet is being flooded with several announcements related to upcoming female superhero movies. Here we have enlisted all the female superhero films that are going to release in near future along with the star cast and what can we expect from these films –

Ant-Man and The Wasp (Release Date – July 6, 2018) –

Upcoming superheroine movies - Ant Man and The Wasp
Okay, its not exactly a solo female superhero film but let’s agree that it’s the first marvel film that has a female superhero name in the title. The wasp is a popular super heroine and is equivalent of Ant-man in many terms. Let’s not forget that fans got Goosebumps when they saw Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lily) admiring her new wasp suit in the mid credits of 2015 film Ant-Man. Marvel made the a major announcement later that year when it stated that the sequel of the film will see Wasp in central role. Evangeline lily is perfect choice for Wasp and we can expect the film to cash at least $500 million at box office.

Captain Marvel (Release Date – March 8, 2019) –

Upcoming female superhero movies - Captain Marvel
Fans are eagerly waiting for this superheroine film since 2015. Captain Marvel is the first official female superhero film of Marvel and the studio announced about the star cast in 2015. Actress Brie Larson will be seen in the role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. She will also be seen in Avengers 4. There are certain rumours that she will debut in MCU in 2018 itself with Avengers 3. The film will be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

BatGirl (Release Date – 2019) –

Upcoming female Superhero films - Batgirl
DC is really desperate to compete with Marvel and come out as winner. Among various surprise announcements from the studio in recent past, one of the most exciting one was that Batgirl will get her own solo film. Barbara Gordon who took on the mantle of Batgirl will be the central character of upcoming DC movie. Bat family is already filled up with solo Batman movie (The Batman) and Nightwing film. We can expect more from Batgirl as it is safe hands of Joss whedon who is now considered as one of the mind behind MCU. There is no official announcement about the release date of Batgirl and about its star cast but DC has stated that the film will release after Aquaman (December 2018). So we can say that Batgirl will debut on silver screen somewhere in 2019.

Black Widow (Release Date – Unknown) –

Upcoming marvel female superhero movies - black widow
God Please this be true. Fans are very much pressurizing Marvel to release Black widow’s solo film. Kevin fieger dodged the questions for long time but in recent months the cast of avengers (including Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner) has hinted that Black widow might go solo after the events of The Avengers Infinity War. Does this mean that we will get a Solo Black Widow film? Fans are already in love with Scarlet Johansson’s performance as the female anti-hero. But honestly we don’t want Black Widow’s backstory to be told in Avengers’ movie. She deserve her own space and Marvel should consider this.

Gotham City Sirens (Release Date – 2019) –

Upcoming female Superhero films - Gotham City Sirens
For those who don’t know Gotham city sirens refer to the trio of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the DC comics. Unlike marvel studios, Sony pictures and DC entertainment are keen on giving villain centric superhero movies. This all started with Suicide squad which was economically hit at box office. Despite so many flaws in the film, one positive thing about it was the performance of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Probably this is what excited DC studio and they announced about the film alter on. The casting of Poison Ivy and Catwoman is yet pending but we can see some exciting names in the star cast. The film is expected to release somewhere around late 2019 or early 2020.

Wonder Woman 2 (Release Date 2020) –

Upcoming Female Superhero Movies - Wonder Woman 2
This one was given after all it was Wonder woman that revolutionized the female superhero world. She was the first female superhero that was accepted by people in comics and she is the first female superhero that tasted success at box office too. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Robin wright all have commented that there is big story line that could be told in the sequel of Wonder Woman. We can expect the film to hit theatres in 2020.

X-23 (Release Date – Unknown) –

Upcoming female superhero movies - X 23
Logan is one of the best superhero films. There were certain reasons that the film touched the heart of fans. It was not just the gritty nature of the film or it being R-rated, it was also due to Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal as the almost immortal superhero. Logan died in the end we all cried but one positive thing that came out at climax was X-23. Laura Kinney aka X-23 is daughter of Logan and everyone loved the performance of Dafne Keen in the film. There are very high chances that Fox studio will make official announcement of the film.

Apart from these superheroines movies we are already getting our regular dosage of female action in TV series like Supergirl, Jessica Jones and Scarlet