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Tower Prep Season 2 – Petition to Bring Back Cartoon Network Show

More than 8 years have passed since we saw the final episode of Season 1 of Tower Prep. Ever since then the discussion of Tower Prep has only led to criticism of Cartoon Network’s and its inability to focus on Live Action Shows.

However, the recent success of Stranger things has made fans of Tower Prep to start a petition online for the renewal of Tower Prep Season 2. Both Stranger Things and Tower Prep has elements of Mystery, Thrill, Appeal to Young Adult audience and of course Magic.

Paul Dini. The creator of the show even went on to state that Cartoon Network only focuses on TV shows that appeals to male audience. Probably this is the time for Cartoon Network to learn from Netflix which gained more than 2 Million subscribers in July 2019 alone due to the premiere of Season 3 of Stranger Things.

As a fan of the show I would love to recommend Tower Prep to audience who wants to watch TV shows like Stranger Things. Sadly, Cartoon Network has not only cancelled season 2 of Tower Prep but also abandoned it like an unwanted child. The company removed Season 1 from its official websites and even stopped publishing related media (comics & forum fan fiction) of Tower Prep.

Interestingly Fans found a way to distribute the first season online, Thanks to sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo. Here is what you get to watch in Season 1 of Tower Prep.

Tower Prep Season 1 Plot

tower prep season 2

The show was created by Paul dini who was already famous for producing and writing cult classic Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: the Animated Series.

Paul was circling around the idea of writing a show for Young adult audience and focusing on their high school lives but of course the background would a magical world like Harry Potter’s.

He was inspired from the idea that How Harry was suddenly brought to Hogwarts and was supposed to learn everything and become the greatest magician of all time. What if it was against his wish? This gave birth to Tower Prep.

Season 1 introduce us to 4 different characters namely Ian, CJ, Gabe and Suki who are average teenagers trying to do their best in school. One Night, they are suddenly transported to a magical building in the middle of Nowhere.
Soon they learns that it is a Magic school which recruits students with special abilities and teaches them how to use/control their powers.

Tower Prep Characters

Ian,the charming young man and the protagonist of the series learns that he has power of Preflex. This enables him to foresee into future and react accordingly. He also learns that he is perfect in most martial arts making him a powerful hero. Despite all this, Ian wants to get out this magical world and get back into his real world.

Candice Ward nicknamed CJ is the female lead of the series. She has the ability of Perception. She can understand the true intention of person from their body language. CJ seems to love the school as she soon becomes an ‘Ideal Student’. However deep down CJ too wants to leave the place. Her ability helps her to learn about Ian’s escape plan.

Gabriel Forest is the side hero who is also becomes a close friend of Ian. Gabe has the power of Hypersuasion. He uses this power to control the mind of other people while also convincing them to do things for him. Unlike, CJ and Ian; Gabe’s power works at a lesser level due to Tower Prep’s supercomputer. He learns that his power will get weaker the longer he stays in the school.

Suki Sato is the fourth main character. She has the ability of Mimick. She can imitate the voice of anything given that she has heard it at least once in her life.

Apart from these we are also introduced to the staff of Tower Prep. The institution is run by Headmaster who has hidden plans regarding the future of the School and its students.

Interestingly the staff of the school do not tells their real name. The use the names according to the subject they teach. For example a professor of physics will simple be called as Physics.

Ian meets his rivals in the school named Ray Snider. He has to fight against the school staff and the rival students in order to escape the mystical school.

Ian and CJ develops a romantic angle too. Gabe has feelings for Suki but he tries to hide them as much as possible.

Future of Tower Prep

The finale of Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger where we learns that Ian and his group has managed to escape the school temporarily. We also learns that Headmaster is father of CJ and he has bigger hidden plans for school.
The series had so much to offer. Fans of Power Rangers, Harry Potter and Stranger things will surely feel connected to the show.

During a Podcast with Kevin Smith (for Fatman With Batma), Paul admitted that Cartoon Network is adamant to not renew the show. At first they wanted the show to be more appealing to boys but the show gained a huge fan following among girls and parents.

The success of show among Parents surprised Paul and he tried to argue with CN to renew the show for second run. Paul added that a foreign client was interested to buy the show from CN or invest in it for second season. However, Cartoon Network refused from both as it was focusing on live action comedy show and animated series. The Company even refuse to confirm the controversy regarding the show.

In 2019, An online petition was added on Change.org to ask the renewal of Tower Prep season 2. Fans are also emailing Cartoon network regarding it. If you are a fan of the show and want it to be renewed then you can send your letters to following address –
Mr. Stuart Snyder
Cartoon Network
1050 Techwood Drive NW
Atlanta GA 30318

It may or may not have any impact on CN as the company is known to ignore the demands of fans. Still we are hopeful that one day we will get to see Premiere of Tower Prep Season 2.