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All About Magi Sinbad No Bouken Season 2 (2019) Release Date, Episode List

The Magi Anime universe has huge fan following as it is one of those rare anime that fits in almost all genre types. Lay-Duce animation studio divided and releases the Magi anime series in three parts namely –

1. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
2. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
3. Mag: Adventures of Sinbad

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic was the first in the series and it kickstarted the Magi universe. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic was a direct sequel to the Labyrinth series whereas Magi Adventures of Sinbad was the prequel series.

The Labyrinth of Magic gained a huge fan following therefore motivating the studio to release a prequel and a sequel. The Kingdom of magic failed to create the same aura as the first series but Magi Sinbad no Bouken became as popular as the Labyrinth series.

Magi Sinbad no Bouken focuses on the early life of Sinbad who becomes a King later on. The first season of Magi Sinbad No bouken met critical acclaim and ever since then fans are waiting for a second season.

Lay-duce studio has commented that the series will surely move in a positive direction and fans need to stay in touch to get a “good news” about their favorite anime series.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Manga

magi sinbad no bouken season 2

The hugely popular Magi manga series is illustrated by Shinobu Ohkata . The first manga edition was published in January 2013 in Weekly Shonen Sunday.As the series was a spin-off of already popular Original Magi manga therefore fans got hooked with the series instantly.

Realizing the popularity of the manga series, Shinobu decided to publish it on an online portal. The manga ran for 5 years and concluded in April 2018. You can read it on its official website urasunday.com

Magi Sinbad No Bouken Anime Season 1

A-1 Pictures Produced the original Magi Anime series. The success of Labyrinth of Magic ensured other studios that Adventures of Sinbad will also meet the same success.

Lay-Duce studio immediately bought the rights Sinbad No Bouken Anime series. At first the studio aired an Original Video Animation (OVA) in May 2014. That covered the first two arcs of the manga story. After the OVA met critical and commercial success the studio ordered for a direct anime series.

Season 1 of Magi Sinbad No bouken anime aired on MBS in April 2106. The studio was quick to sell the english dub rights to online streaming service Netflix.

Magi Sinbad No Bouken was dubbed in english as Magi Adventures of Sinbad. The English version found a huge fan following in America and Europe. Not only the anime struck the right chords with fan but the music too got hugely popular.

The first season concluded in July 2016 and ever since then fans are waiting for Magi Sinbad no Bouken season 2.
Plot of Magi Sinbad No Bouken Anime

Sinbad no Bouken anime follows the early life adventures of Sinbad. In the labyrinth of Magic we are introduced to Sinbad as King who has captured seven Dungeons and Seven Djinns.

Adventures of Sinbad take place 15 years earlier where a 14 year old Sinbad is yet to realize his magical abilities and his place in the universe. The 14 year old Sinbad is living in a village called Tison with his parents in Parthevia Empire.

His father dies in a war while his mother Esra is getting old and ill. Sinbad meet Yunan who is a Magi. He realizes that he is much more than just a teenage boy. Sinbad joins Yunan in his conquest to capture the Dungeon ‘BAAL’.

Sinbad grew up around the stories of Dungeons that have mysteriously erected through out the country. Soon a legend ran across the country that the Dungeons hold magical powers along with unlimited treasure. Sinbad is roped in by Yunan to capture the infamous dungeon.

Sinbad is still unsure whether he could capture a dungeon that has claimed lives of thousands of other warriors who tried to conquer it. During his adventurous journey Sinbad meet a Drakon who is a noble. Sinbad defeats him and capture the dungeon. This also makes him the owner of the djinn of the Dungeon.

Sinbad also learns that Yunan is one of the four magi who are living in this world. He also learns that Yunan is living for centuries even though he died eight times. Yunan plays a vital role in Sinbad’s journey as he makes him realize how powerful he is. In the end, we also learn that Yunan can create or collapse any dungeon at his will.

Future of Magi Sinbad No Bouken Anime Series

As we know that Sinbad goes on to capture 6 more dungeons thereby becoming the sole owner of 7 magical Djinns therefore it is a given that Sinbad no Bouken has more story then just one season.

Also the Manga series ran for 5 years and told about adventures of various other supporting characters. The Anime series surely has more than enough source material but why Lay Duce in now moving forward with a Second Season of Adventures of Sinbad?

The Magi universe has met one criticism that it seems to be a rip off of Arabian night’s stories. But this has nothing to do with the possibility of Second season.

The studio is yet to give any official announcement regarding the subject but many inner sources claims that Lay-duce will be ready to produce another season if Netflix buys the streaming rights of second season as well. Seems like they are confused whether the second season would meet the same fanfare as the first season.

We are in touch with Lay-duce twitter account and we will update this page as soon as we get any information regarding the second season of Magi Adventures of Sinbad.