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Pierrot Hints About Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Plot and Release Date

Tokyo Ghoul is like John Cena of anime world. You get polarized review from each section of the anime fandom. But just like John Cena you cannot ignore Tokyo Ghoul altogether. This is the reason why fans are waiting for Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 like a desperate boy waiting for his crush on first date.

Tokyo Ghoul Manga – A Better Version

Tokyo Ghoul anime series is adapted from the manga series of same name penned by Sui Ishida. The first volume of Tokyo Ghoul manga was published in September 2011 and it met a critical acclaim. Fans admired the mixture of horror and high fantasy in the manga series.

The success of manga series resulted in a light novel series in 2013 and a prequel story in 2012. The Tokyo Ghoul franchise further expanded when production company Pierrot decided to make an anime series on the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Series

The first season of Tokyo Ghoul aired on Tokyo MX in July 2014. However, it met mixed reviews which were a down point for a show that was adapted from one of the bestselling manga series in the world. The first season was of 12 episodes.

Nevertheless, we got our Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 in January 2015. It was titled Tokyo Ghoul vA. The second season also consisted of 12 episodes but the story was packed in a better way in these 12 episodes. Unlike first season, the second season met positive reviews and brought back the manga series fan base to the anime series.

Pierrot released two separate OVA (Original video animation) in 2015 and both OVAs were well received.

Probability of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

All these emotions made fans to look forward for Tokyo Ghoul season 3 but ever since then there is no word from the production company.

As the series was dubbed in English and aired on Funimation, so it gained a huge fan base in North America and Canada as well.

There was no update about Tokyo Ghoul season 3 until now. Pierrot Studio made it clear in early 2017 that they are focusing on the live action Tokyo Ghoul film which released in July 2017.

Now that the film has released Pierrot once again commented that they are not sure whether Tokyo Ghoul season 3 would happen or not? Probably they are fooling fans, because there is right amount of source available for them to adapt for Tokyo Ghoul Season 3.

Plot of Tokyo Ghoul

Let’s Dive into the world of Tokyo Ghoul –

The Anime Series is set in an alternate world where Humans and Ghouls exist together. Ghouls eat human flesh to stay alive but they hide from the normal world. They take up human form so it is very difficult to distinguish between a ghoul and a human.
Tokyo Ghoul Season 3
We are introduced to Ken Kaneki who goes on a date with beautiful Rize Kamishiro. Rize reveals on date that she is a Ghoul and attacks Ken. He somehow survives the attack but wakes up in hospital. Ken finds out that he only survived because of the organ transplants from dead Rize.

Now he is half-ghoul and just like other ghouls he must eat human flesh to survive. Ken finds out a coffee shop run by a ghoul who teaches him how to survive in both human and ghoul society.

The plot of Tokyo Ghoul might make you say it a cool series but you have seen this formula in movies like X-Men, Push and Jumper.

In season 1, the story fails to develop beyond this point. Many of you might admire the soundtrack of the series but it does not make you to admire season 1.

In Season 2, we see a progression in the story. I am not going to spoil it for you but in my opinion season 2 is way better than season 1.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Possible Release Date

So back to the big question are we really going to see Tokyo ghoul Season 3.

Of Course.

The Live action film performed average at box office. Pierrot had high hopes for it and now they can come back to senses and focus on Third Season of Tokyo Ghoul. We believe that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will be back on air time by Spring 2018.

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