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Overlord Season 2 to be Released in Early 2018 Confirms Madhouse

Part 2 of Overlord film series was released in March 2017 and ever since then fans are waiting for Overlord Season 2.

Even though Madhouse has announced that Overlord Season 2 will happen but the actual release date is yet to be revealed by studio. Here we analyse what can we possibly see in the second season of Overlord and what will be its possible air date?

Sword art Online gave way to many MMORPG related anime series. But only few of them (No game No Life) were able to make impact on viewers. Overlord is one such anime series.

The anime is adapted from Overlord Light novel series which was authored by Kugane Maruyama in July 2012. It draws many similarities to Sword Art Online and tried to fill the gap that SAO left.

However it was not as impressive and popular as SAO. The 11 Volume Long light novel series was adapted into Manga series in 2014. Madhouse acquired the rights for anime series and produced Overlord Season 1 in July 2015.

Overlord Season 1 included 13 episodes and it adapted storylines from volume 1,2 and 3 of light novels.
Here is a brief overview of Overlord anime series and Season 1 –

Overlord is set in the year 2138. It has been 12 years since the release of Yggdrasil, a dive massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). The company decides to shut down Yggdrasil and force logout every user thus bidding a farewell.
Overlord Season 2
Momonga is a young man who is a big fan of Yggdrasil. He is guilt leader of Ainz Ooal Gown. However, he is left alone in the guild and all other members are too busy with their real lives. Momonga feels depressed for it and he decides to stay login during the last moments of game.

He expected that the servers will force logout him but he stayed logged in past time. He realizes that the settings he gave to characters just before shut-down has resulted in fixing them with those traits. Also several other characters have developer their own personalities.

Momonga decides to find out the reason behind this glitch* and to find if anyone else is trapped like him.

As you can see there are so many similarities between Momonga and Sword art online. Momonga start as a protagonist but at certain point he shows traits like antagonist.

Season 1 finale ended with epic battle between Shalltear and Ainz. Shalltear is killed by Ainz as he pre planned the battle. But he later revives, thereby erasing her past memory.

The two anime films which were released as compilation served as recap Season 1. This increased fans curiosity for Overlord Season 2.

Madhouse was aware about fans demands and thus announced in march 2017 that Overlord Season 2 is under production.
With this announcements began the speculation on what Season 2 will be about and when we are going to see it?

As Season 1 adapted first three volumes of Light Novel Series then Overlord Season 2 might adapt next three volumes.

The length of Season 2 is not announced but probably we are going to see a 13 episodes long season.

It will be hard to cover all the storylines of 4,5 and 6 light novels in a 13 episode season but if they treat it the same way like season 1 then it is possible.

Lots of fans want to see Dark Young but that was introduced in Light Novel 9. So it is safe to assume that Overlord will expand into more seasons.

If they do fan service with Season 2 then Sebas might destroy six arms in this season. As madhouse is going to produce second season, there are lot of chances for this to happen.

Also many fans pointed out that a new character was introduced in Part 2 of Overlord film and it might make it to Season 2.

All fans should thank madhouse for Overlord season 2 as the studio is infamous for giving just one season of popular anime.

Another such anime – One Punch Man has also been given second season.