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Knights of Sidonia Season 3 to Air in April 2018 Confirms Polygon Pictures

Shidonia no Kishi or better known as Knights of Sidonia is one of the best mecha anime out there. The second season of Shidonia No Kisi ended on June 2015 and ever since then fans are waiting for Knights of Sidonia Season 3.

Thankfully, Polygon pictures has answered to all the fans and announced Knights of Sidonia Season 3. Even though Official Release date of season 3 is yet to be announced by Polygon pictures has confirmed that Knights of Sidonia season 3 is under production and will air very soon.

If you are fan of space opera and sci fi anime then Knights of Sidonia is perfect choice for you.

Shidonia No Kisi is based on manga series of same name penned by Tsutomu Nihei. He wrote the manga series in 2009 and concluded it with 15 volumes in 2015. The manga series was dubbed in English as well and was released in North America in 2015.

The story of Shidonia No kishi takes place in 3394, when most of the humanity is wiped out by an alien race named Gauna. The race is hell bent in killing every last of the human beings. However several people survive the attack and take shelter underground.

Nagate Tanikaze is a young garde pilot who never met a human before expect his grandfather. He lives underground and learns all the pilot abilities in a plane simulator. His grandfather dies later on and he is forced to come to the surface in search of food.

Nagate meets Shizuka Hoshiziro, Yuhata Midorikawa and Izana Shinatose. However, the meeting is short lived as the sidonia is again attacked by Gauna. Nagate has to defend his home from the invaders with the help of his newly form allies.
Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date
Season 1 of Knights of Sidonia ended with Nagate destroying Gauna ship and killing Benisuzume. The first season was 12 episodes long and ended in June 2014. Knights of Sidonia Season 1 adapted elements from first 5 volumes of manga series.

Knights of Sidonia Season 2 (Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet nine) saw the epic battle between gauna and Knights. The decisive battles ended in the favour of sidonia but left many questions unanswered. The second season brought elements from volume 1 to 10 of manga series.

As you can see how the anime series is progressing, it is safe to assume that Knights of Sidonia Season 3 will be the last of the anime series.

The manga series ended in 2015 itself and there are hardly 6 volumes left that can give new storyline to anime series. Even though the last volumes of manga series are complicated and if done perfectly they will surely need at least 24 episodes.

So is polygon pictures going to split Knights of Sidonia in two seasons? Are we going to see Knights of Sidonia Season 4 as well? That would be too early to comment but we assume that Polygon pictures won’t go over budget with the anime series.

We might see a regular (and final) season of 12 episodes. But what Knights of Sidonia Season 3 will be about? There are many conflicting reports over internet.

Many believed that Knights of Sidonia Season 3 will adapt the boring and disappointing ending of manga series. While a huge section of anime fan believes that Knights of Sidonia will not deviate from its source material and might continue for more seasons.

One thing is for sure that Polygon pictures cannot risk disappointing fans with a displeasing ending. Even director Hiroyuki Seshita and writer Sadayuki Murai have hinted that they might movie from the source for Shidonia no Kishi season 3.

Netflix has sole rights for Knights of Sidonia so if you haven’t seen this anime series yet then go binge-watch it. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and you will love the sci fi elements in the series. The anime art might not be loved by everyone but overall this anime is worth watching.

UPDATE: Knights of Sidonia Season 3 is expected to air AT-X in April 2018.

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