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TNK Discloses Release Date of Highschool DXD Season 4

TNK confirmed Highschool DXD Season 4 in September 2016 during the Blue ray release of third season. However, the studio is keeping mum on the air date of Highschool DXD season 4. Here we give you a brief overview of High school DXD anime series and what to expect from season 4 of Highschool DXD.

Highschool DXD is one of the most popular ecchi and female harem anime series. If you are not fan of either then you should not worry about the future of Highschool DXD.

For those who don’t know what ecchi and harem anime are should read about them on their respective Wikipedia pages. Let me clear you that Highschool DXD is an R-rated anime series and not your typical anime.

Highschool DXD is adapted from the light novel series of same name Ichiei Ishibumi. Ichiei penned the light novel in 2008 and Miyama Zero illustrated it. Due to its provocative theme, the light novel series became a hit in Japan.

It was later adapted into a manga series in 2010. But it gained global popularity in 2012 when TNK produced an anime series based on the light novel.

The uncensored version of Highschool DXD season 1 premiered on AT-X in January 2012. Season 1 consisted of 12 episodes and was based on the first two volumes of light novel.

The second season made Highschool DXD even more popular as by that time the first season was already dubbed and released by Funimation. The DVD sales of first season encouraged TNK to further expand the series.
Highschool DXD Season 4
Highschool DXD Season 2 (aka Highschool DXD New) was also 12 episodes long and it aired in July 2013. It adapted the third and fourth volume of light novels.

Highschool DXD season 3 (aka Highschool DXD Born) made it clear that the show has turned into fan service. The third season aired in April 2015 and concluded with 12 episodes. Highschool DXD Born was based on volume 5,6 and 7 of light novels.

Apart from this the studio also released several OVA shorts and OVA episodes. One thing that was criticized by fans was that TNK is focusing more on pleasuring fans rather than giving a distinct arc to the storylines.

It was clear from the English dubbed version which showed how provocative the anime series has become. A strong reason for the success of Highschool DXD in North America is the role of English Voice over actors (Jamie Marchi).
If you are new to Highschool DXD anime series then here is a brief overview for you –

Highschool DXD follows the life of Issei Hyodo who has joined Kuoh academy. The academy has changed from an all-girls high school to a co-ed high school.

Issei is your typical teenager who is shy but pervert and somewhat creepy. He fantasizes girls of all kind. One day Issei is asked out by beautiful Yuri Amano. On the Date, Yuri reveals herself to be a fallen angel and kills Issei.

Interestingly, Issei is revived by another girl named Rias Gremory (the main reason for the popularity of this series). Rias reveals herself to be a devil and tells issei that he has to serve her as she granted him life.
Issei set his eyes to become a top level devil. For this he has to perform various tasks and win various battles.

As you can see there is not much interesting in the storyline but it is actually the visual and graphical view that gives pleasure to audience. I hope you understand what I mean. HINT: You are going to see a lot of anime girls.

So what happened to Highschool DXD Season 4. Apparently TNK,Madman Entertainment and Funimation all have cleared in 2016 that Highschool DXD Season 4 has entered production stage.

So we are finally getting season 4 of highschool DXD but when and what will be the story of fourth Season?

If they continue to adapt the light novels in a linear way then Highschool DXD Season 4 will be based on volume 8 and 9 probably. This means that Season 4 will explore ‘The Work of a Devil’ and ‘Pandemonium at the school trip’. So we are going to see a lot of Gremory family in season 4.

Even though there are no official announcement regarding air date of Highschool DXD season 4 but If rumors are to be believed than Highschool DXD season 4 premiere date is pushed to Spring 2018. Till then enjoy the 23 volume of light novel published in March 2017.

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