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3 Reasons on Why Dark Matter Season 4 Will Return on Syfy

Space Drama series Dark matter concluded its third season on 25 August 2017. Syfy is yet to officially announce about the future of Dark matter. However, the recent support on twitter to season 3 ensures that Dark Matter Season 4 is a given.

Why Dark Matter Season 4 will happen?

As soon as Season 3 ended people trended the hashtag #RenewDarkMatter on twitter. Dark matter’s Executive producer Joseph mallozzi is really impressed with the performance of the show.

He even stated it on his blog where he shared the key demographics of Dark matter audience and how it is staying among the top 10 cable television shows.

Moreover we are yet to find out the true identity of all six crew members of Raza. So all this suggests that Dark Matter will continue its saga on Syfy.

But the big question is when will Dark matter Season 4 return on Syfy and what can we expect from fourth season?
For those who are unaware about Dark matter, here is brief overview –

Dark Matter Plot

Dark matter is space opera. It is based on the comic book series of same name that is authored by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

The TV series began with six people waking up on a spacecraft named Raza. The six are unaware of their three identities and wonder who did this to them? As they do not know their names so they name each other after numbers in order – One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. Four of them are male while two are females.

It is later revealed that the spaceship was set on a course to a mining colony. They learn that they were given the task to kill the colonists and grab the land for the corporation.

The six people decide to work together in order to uncover their past and take revenge from people who did this to them.

What Happened in Season 3 of Dark Matter

Season 3 of Dark Matter was received mix reviews from critics and fans alike. It lost a few thousand viewers as Dark matter Season 3 was watched by around 614000 viewers while Season 2 was watched by 676000 viewers.
Dark Matter Season 4
One more reason for Syfy to renew Dark matter season 4 is that the show is doing pretty well in Canada where it airs on the Space Channel. Dark matter is popular among young audience which is the key factor of its success.

Despite losing several thousand viewers each season the show has managed to gain mix to positive ratings from critics. While the first season of Dark matter was bashed by critics the show regained their trust back with Second and third season.

Dark Matter has many similarities with other space operas like Firefly, Farscape and Stargate.

In the finale of third season we saw Teku saving Ryo’s life just on time. Traugott betrays mikei and the Ferrous Corp captures Two, three and six. The three later escape the prison.

It is revealed that Two is possessed by an alien and she tries to destroy the shipyard. Six detonates a bomb that destroys the whole shipyard along with him.

The episode ends with dark ship emerging in space.

What to expect from Dark Matter Season 4?

So what does it mean for the future of Dark matter? Are we going to see Six again? How would Ryo and Two react with each other. Is three going to escape from the custody of Porita?

Syfy have kept mum on the renewal of Dark matter but inside sources has stated that Season 4 will focus on a big alien invasion. It might introduce a new alien species.

Syfy is also playing with fans as it hinted in the after show named After Dark that a Season 4 might happen with some dark twist and turns.

Release Date of Dark Matter Season 4

This exact release date of Dark matter Season 4 is yet to be revealed but we believe that Syfy will clear this issue very soon. We will update this page as soon as the exact air date of Dark matter Season 4 is revealed.
Our prediction is that Dark matter Season 4 will return in August 2018. Lets hope for the best.

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