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Re:Zero Season 2 is Confirmed but No Release Date is Announced

Re:Zero came as a breath of fresh air for anime fans in 2016. However since season 1 ended at cliff hanger, fans are desperately waiting for Re:Zero Season 2. There are still many mysteries to be solved by Re:Zero and it need to resurrect soon.

Here we take a brief look on Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World anime series and when can be expect Re:Zero Season 2?

What is Ri:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

First all for those who have not seen Re:Zero, they are missing out an amazing anime series. Have you Seen Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise? Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World anime series focus on the same element i.e. bringing back to life at a certain point to alter future events.

Re:Zero Season 1 Recap

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World follows the life of a normal teenager named Subaru Natsuki. He is an otaku who is suddenly summoned to a new world when he was returning home from a convenience store.

At first Subaru is impressed by this and think that he might have gained some super power as this happened. But he discovers that he has no superpower whatsoever.

As if that was not depressing enough, Subaru is soon chased and beaten by Thugs. Luckily he is saved by a beautiful half elf girl named Emilia. She tells her name Satella to Subaru. She tells Subaru that she is search of insignia that will make him eligible to participate in upcoming elections. Emilia has a pet cat named Puck with magical powers.

Subaru and Emilia are killed by Felt’s assassin Elsa (the thief who stole insignia) at night. It is at this point that Subaru discovers he has an ability named ‘Return by Death’. With this ability he will go back to a certain checkpoint and thus can reshape his future and avoid his unfortunate death. Subaru uses this ability to defeat Felt and returns her insignia to Emilia.
Re:Zero Season 2
Subaru is taken to Roswaal’s mansion who is supporting Emilia’s bid for presidential election. There he meets Ram and Rem, two twin sisters and maids of Roswaal. The twin sisters at first make fun of Subaru but later on Rem falls in love with Subaru. However Subaru develops feeling for Emilia and decides to become her Knight for upcoming elections.

The village and the mansion are attacked by Witch’s cult, a group of supernatural beings who want to take control over this world. Rem sacrifices herself to save Subaru. He uses his Return by Death ability to fight against the Witch’s Cult.

Will Subaru win over the Witch’s Cult? Will he ever be able to win Emilia’s Heart? Who will win the presidential election? Will Emilia accept Subaru’s feelings for her?

You will get answer to all these questions by the end of Season 1 of Re:Zero. However one question that is disturbing every fan is what will happen to Rem? Will she come back to Life (somehow) in Re:Zero Season 2?

Rem turned out to a surprise hit in the series. She soon became a fan favourite and when she died in Season 1, every fan was disappointed.

Re:Zero Season 2 Possibility?

Coming back to anime series, White Fox (production studio) is yet to make an official announcement on the release date of Re Zero Season 2. The second season was already confirmed by White Fox way back in December 2016 at Sugoi Japan awards. However the studio is keeping mum on the re Zero Season 2 release date.

Re Zero started as web series in 2012. It was authored by Tappei Nagatsuki. Tappei made it into a light novel series in 2014. Since then over 13 volumes of light novel series has been published. It was also adapted in to manga series in 2014. Both the Light novel series and Manga series sold million of copies thereby become one of the bestselling Light novel series in recent times.

Why Re:Zero is so Popular among Anime Fans?

The best thing about Re Zero is that it shows beauty even in death. It gives a optimistic view of a depressing topic like death. As Subaru relives his death every time he is killed so obviously the story often repeats itself. Tappei however beautiful avoided this cliché by adding various characters to the fold.

The anime series which was commissioned by White Fox in 2016 adapted first 4 volumes of the light novel series. So you can see the Light novel series is way ahead of the anime series. Obviously White Fox has a lot of source material in their hand for Re Zero Season 2.

Premiere Date of Re:Zero Season 2

As the first season ended September 2016 so there are very good chances that White Fox will take some time off series.

Re Zero Season 2 is a given but the exact premiere date is yet to be revealed. Our best guess is that Re:Zero season 2 will air in mid 2018.

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