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There Will Never Be Deadman Wonderland Season 2 – Here is Why

You should feel sorry for yourself if you want to see Deadman Wonderland Season 2. That is not me saying this. I read it on a forum at MyAnimeList.net

Real Reason for No Deadman Wonderland Season 2

So Was Deadman Wonderland Anime so bad that most of the fans don’t want a season 2. That is not entirely true.
If you have read Deadman Wonderland manga series authored by Kazuma Kondou then you can’t help but feel sad that how poorly the anime series is executed.

If you haven’t read the manga series at all then Deadman Wonderland anime would be a good lovable series for you.
Kazuma penned the original Manga series way back in 2007 and it became a success.

The originals tory ran 58 chapters in 13 volumes from May 2007 to August 2013. It was meant to be a short manga series but Kazuma further developed the story before giving it a final goodbye in 2013 with the last chapter titled ‘END’.

The anime adaption of Deadman Wonderland was not so successful in fact many manga lovers called it one of the most horrible manga to anime transition.

Manglobe studio acquired the rights of Deadman Wonderland in 2009. Manglobe had high hopes for the anime series and they finally aired it in 2011 in Japan. To their dismay, the series met outrage from Japanese fans.

Performance of Deadman Wonderland Season 1

Deadman Wonderland Season 1 had only 12 episodes with one OVA released in October 2011. Viz media acquired the English dub rights of the series. So Deadman Wonderland Season 1 made its way on online streaming channel Funimation in 2012. It also aired on Toonami network.

Anime fans of North America and Canada were more positive to the series and this brought the ratings of Deadman Wonderland up on many review sites (including MyanimeList). Ever since there has been a debate among fans that whether they will ever see Deadman Wonderland Season 2?

The Definite answer is, possibly not.

Plot of Deadman Wonderland

First of all let me clear you about the premise of Deadman Wonderland. It is a story about a boy (named Ganta Igarashi) who survived a massive earthquake in Japan. The earthquake claimed many lives and destroyed most of the Tokyo city.

Ganta is a young, naïve boy who is living a mundane school life until one day his teachers decides to take them to a field trip of Deadman Wonderland, a prison with weird rules.

Ganta is just as excited as everyone else but on the day of the field trip a strange man in Red enters the class and kills everyone except Ganta. Out of suspicion, the police arrest Ganta and is sent to deadman wonderland prison.

Now let me tell you that Deadman Wonderland is no ordinary prison but rather an amusement park (like Westworld meets Takeshi Castle).

Each prisoner is injected with a lethal poison that can only be neutralized with a medicine, if taken within three days. Also the guards can track and locate each prisoner with the help of a special collar.

The medicine can only be earned by performing various tasks from entertaining guests to murder other inmates in gladiator style battles. Ganta gets help from a mysterious girl who is unknown to everyone else.

Deadman Wonderland has an underground arena which hosts Carnival Corpse, a tournament which is sponsored by rich people so that they can watch inmates killing each other to death. The losers are taken away by scientists for experiments and other purposes.
Deadman Wonderland Season 2
Ganta develops an ability to control his blood but he is forced to participate in carnival corpse. Will he survive? Who is the mysterious girl? How she knows so much about Ganta? Who was the red man that killed every classmate of Ganta except him? Why he killed them?

These are the questions that are answered in some way in Deadman Wonderland Season 1. However Deadman Wonderland anime adapts only 21 chapters (5 volumes) out of the total 13 volumes of Manga series.

What to Do to get Deadman Wonderland Season 2

This means that there was more than enough source for Deadman Wonderland Season 2 or even for a third season. But then again the poor review of the first season diminishes any chance for a second season.

All in All there will never be Deadman Wonderland Season 2 and if you still want it then sign a petition on Change.org