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BONES Working on Noragami Season 3, But Still No Release Date

The Rumour mill about Noragami Season 3 started in December 2015 after the conclusion of Noragami Aragato. There were many reports that Noragami will return with third season in 2016 but the year passed without Noragami. Then many online tabloids reported that Noragami has entered into production stage and will premiere in fall 2017. However these are just plain rumors.

BONES, the studio company that produced Noragami has stated that they will produce Noragami Season 3 only after they have enough source material.

Noragami is based on manga series of same name penned by Adachitoka. Till now 71 chapters (in 19 volumes) has been published by the company Kodansha.

Is BONES hiding about Noragami Season 3

BONES covered the first 40 chapters of the series in the two seasons of Noragami. The Second season titled Noragami Aragato concluded with Chapter 40 in 2015. Since then 31 chapters more has been published. So it is safe to assume that Noragami has now enough content for a third season. But what’s up with BONES?

When Noragami aired first in January 2014 it gained a huge fan following in Japan and America alike. Fans were eagerly waiting for second season but to their disappointment BONES never cleared the status regarding Season 2. Interestingly they aired the second season without any prior announcement in October 2015.

Yes, second season was a hit with fans but does this mean that BONES have no duty to tell fans about the exact status of their favourite anime series? If Inside reports are to be believed then work on Noragami season 3 has already started and this time the news might leak on twitter.

What is Noragami

For those who don’t know Noragami was penned by Adachitoka in 2010. The series didn’t gain any popularity in the beginning but later on it became one of the best-selling mangas. In fact Noragami was on the 14th place in the best-selling manga series of 2014.

The series follows the life of Yato who is a minor god of calamity. Yato want to become greatest god of all time but to his dismay he neither has any follower nor he has any shrine to his name. In order to gain following Yato decides to grant wishes to people in exchange of five yens.

Hiyori lki is a young cute girl whose soul often slips out of her body. We are also introduced to a wandering spirit named Yukine who is later used by Yato as his weapon. Together they embark on an adventure to kill phantoms or evil spirits.
Noragami Season 3
In the last episode of season 2 we saw Yato deciding to leave his life as god of calamity and help humanity as God of Fortune.

Noragami Season 3 Plot?

So what can we expect from Noragami Season 3 and which story arc the producers will focus on?

There are many reasons for the studio to adapt the fatherly arc and they even teased it in Second Season. In the finale of second season it was revealed that Hiyori went on date with a guy and kissed him. The boy turned out to be Yato’s father.

Fan of Manga series know that Yato’s father Kouto Fujisaki hates heaven and gods. This is because a woman he loved was killed by Gods. This is also the reason behind the birth of Yato (real name Yaboku).
Yato surely has romantic feelings for Hiyori. He protects her all the time so he will surely get angry upon his father. Hiyori too gets jealous when Yato flirts with other woman. So surely Producers will explore this romantic angle more in the third season.
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It is possible that somehow Yato’s father come in between relationship of Hiyori and forces the heavens to disown Yato as a god.

Possible Release Date of Noragami Season 3

As of now there is no exact report about Noragami Season 3 release date. However if inner reports are to be believed then we might see Noragami Season 3 in Spring 2018.