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One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date Pushed Back to Summer 2018

Is there going to Be One Punch Man Season 2? This question has been on internet since 2015 with no definite answer.

With so many established superheroes it is hard for new ones to make way. It is even harder for them to leave an impact on the mind of audience and that too on a global level. However, One Punch Man, the anime superhero broke all these traditions and became a legend world-wide.

Even though ONE (Japanese Manga artist) is actively writing his web comic One Punch Man since 2009 but it was not until 2015 that the superhero became a global phenomenon. ONE was born in Saitama prefecture of Japan so he named his Saitama.

The web comic gained a decent fan following in early years. ONE penned down 14 volumes of Manga of One Punch Man. The web comic was later picked up by Japanese anime production company madhouse for anime series. To Madhouse’s delight the anime series not only became a sensation in Japan but it gained a huge fan following in America and Canada as well.

Who is One Punch man?

For those of you who don’t know about One Punch man, it is an awesome manga and anime series. The story takes place on an alternate planet which is inhabited by superheroes, monsters and super villains. A Young boy named Saitama lives alone in the abandoned Z city. He has a super power that he can kill any person with just one person. He gets bored of this super power as he finds no challenge for himself.

In the manga series, the story line continues on how a villain named Garo defeats and kills many superheroes. It is revealed that both superheroes and super villains make associative groups in order to take control over the world. Saitama Kills a leader named Boros and then also defeat goro but fails to kill him in time.

The anime series focuses more on the conflict between powerful villain Boros and Saitama. Even though Saitama defeats Boros in the end but yet he finds him to be the most powerful person he ever faced.

Season 1 of One Punch man ended with all the superheroes settling in a newly built HQ.
One Punch man Season 2
So this brings us back to the main question on what we are going to see in One Punch Man Season 2. Also what is the exact release date of One Punch Man Season 2?

Is One Punch Man Season 2 Under Production?

According to several online sources the production of One Punch Man Season 2 has already begun.

When this news broke out in March 2017 fans were expecting that they might see Saitama by fall 2017. However, Viz media the company that holds the license of One Punch man stated that it would be too early to speculate the release date of One Punch man Season 2.

The executive producers further cleared that they don’t have much source manga to base the second season of One Punch Man. In fact they might have to deviate from the original manga series and create their own version in One Punch man Season 2. Does this mean that we are going to see a story line that is yet not covered in the manga series?

Rumors Around One Punch Man Season 2

First of all we should understand that One Punch man is a complex manga series. It is like Game Of Thrones of the Anime world. Therefore it is hard to make a fan pleasing second season without doing proper research.

There are many inside reports that One Punch Man Season 2 might deviate from the original season in many ways and it is not just related to story. If reports are to be believed then we might see new voice actors for One Punch man Season 2. Also there might be a new theme song and even new soundtrack.
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Many have even stated that the second season of One Punch Man might even change the look and dress of Saitama. Does this mean that Second season is being produced by any other company? We don’t know about that as of now.

As One Punch Man is a popular superhero so I would suggest you to not believe on every theory that you read on the internet.

One Punch Man Season 2 will be back by Summer 2018 so till then read on the awesome manga series penned by ONE.