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A-1 Pictures Teases Sword Art Online Season 3 with a New Story Arc

The ending of Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale made it clear fans will get to see Sword Art Online Season 3. However, there are still lots of rumours and speculations around the third season of SAO. Let’s take a brief look on the future of this brilliant anime series and why it has such huge fan following.

It is hard to pick up the greatest anime series of all time. Japanese anime has evolved a lot and fans literally fight over which anime is the greatest. However, if you talk about greatest anime series in recent times then no doubt Sword Art Online is in the Top 10.

How Sword Art Online Started?

This awe inspiring anime series is based on the light novel series of same name penned by Reki kawahara. Honestly we don’t know the inspiration behind the novels but there are many similarities between SAO, Tron and The matrix. What you will love about SAO is that it beautifully shows how much humanity has become dependent on internet and how it can be harmful to us. It also shows the negative side of a self-aware AI. In many ways it is similar to No Game No Life and Log Horizon.

Reki published the first volume in 2009 and since then over 19 volumes has been published. Sword Art Online is one of those rare light novels that have sold over 20 million copies.

Plot of Sword Art online

SAO takes place in the year 2022 when a game developer Akihiko Kayaba develops a game titled Sword Art online. It is marketed as a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (VRMMORPG), first of its kind. In this game the players are provided with nervegear, a helmet that uses the five active sense of a player to give a realistic feel in the virtual reality world of SAO.

Ten Thousand Players sign up for the game and enter the virtual reality world. However it is later revealed that they are unable to logout and whenever their character gets hurt in the SAO world, the player get hurt in real life. Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of the game, tells all the player that in order to log out of the virtual world they have to complete 100 missions of the game. If they fail to do so they will remain trapped in the virtual world. Also if their character dies in the game the player will die in the real world as well.

Here we are introduced to hour protagonist Kazuto Kirito Kirigaya. Kirito is one of the beta testers of the game and knows many of the loopholes and strong points of the game. He decides to help all the players to survive the game, so he plays alone. The story is given a romantic angle when Kirito meets a girl named Asuna Yuuki. With many ups and downs, Kirito is finally able to unlock the secret behind the game. We are not going to spoil any further.
Sword Art Online Season 3
So back to the big question – Are we going to see Sword Art Online Season 3? Yes We are.

Future of Sword Art Online

If you have read the light novel series (which is very slow to be honest) you surely know that the main reason behind the development of SAO game was to control the mind of people. The idea was to spread a virus through internet that helps in controlling the thoughts of people and thus making the creator the sole king of the world.
We also know that the story does not end with just Sword Art Online game but rather continues with the reveal of many other similar games. This means that Kirito has to fight multiple antagonists to save the world.

Possible Release Date of Sword Art Online Season 3

In Sword Art Online the Movie we saw Asuna and Kirito getting engaged but will they get married and live happily ever after? That Happen just only in Disney movies. According to Tomohiko Ito, SAO will return in early 2018. He added that we should expect the unexpected in Sword art online Season 3.

So Which Story arc we are going to see in Sword Art Online Season 3? Will it be Alicization story arc that not only furthers the romance of Kirito and Asuna but also has enough material to create at least 2 seasons. Or Are we going to see Rosario and Excalibur story arc which focus only on Kirito. Some fan forums have speculated that we might see the Girl ops stories in season 3 but that would be boring.