No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date and Wiki

Nōgēmu Nōraifu Season 2

When Will No Game No Life Season 2 Happen? Nogemu Noraifu or more popularly known as No Game No Life is a popular Japanese Light Novel series. NGNL Season 1 aired in 2014 but Season 2 of No Game No life is yet to be announced. Due to the immense popularity of No game No Life, it is given that Anime Network will renew Season 2 but the exact question is – When?

For those who don’t know about No Game No Life I should tell you that it is a brilliant light novel series that follows the life of two step siblings. Siro the 18 year old brother is an excellent strategist while Shirom his 11 year old step sister is polymath. She has excellent level of intellect in calculations. Together they form the undefeatable gaming team BLANK. Blank is undefeated in the online gaming world and the duo of brother sister rule the online gaming world. However their life changes when they defeat gods of another reality who summons them to a disboard. Now they have to conquer 16 different ruling species in order to challenge the god (Tet) and to escape from the virtual reality world.

The concept of the light novel series Nogemu Noraifu was very much loved by novel fans all over the world. Nogemu Noraifu was later adapted into Manga series and then into an anime series. Japanese animation studio Madhouse bought the rights anime TV adaption and successfully launched the anime TV series in 2014. Sentai Filmworks purchased the broadcasting rights of Nogemu Noraifu. It was broadcasted in North America as No Game No Life.

No Game No Life Season 2

Season 1 of No Game No Life met critical acclaim and was watched by millions of viewers around the globe. It was assumed that Madhouse would order for Season 2 of No Game No Life but 2 years has passed and there is still no update about No Game No Life Season 2.

If they do not release Season 2 of No Game No Life then they are missing a big sale of deal. The No Game No Life light novel has already sold more than one million copies. Although the light novel series is still incomplete but they anime adaption is way behind the light novel series. In the Nogemu Noraifu, the brother sister duo have conquered 6 provinces and yet to have conquer 10 more provinces.

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Update (23 September 2016) – There is a rumor online that Madhouse is thinking to renew No Game No Life for season 2 with premiere date fixed in 2017. We are yet to confirm the sources. Stay Tuned.