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Everything About Blood Lad Season 2 (2019) Release Date, English Dub, Episodes

Season 1 of Blood Lad concluded in 2013 but ever since then, there is no update about Blood Lad Season 2. Here we discuss the possibilities of Blood lad Season 2 and what can we expect from it?

First of all, I do not understand Japan’s obsession with vampires and afterlife. I have seen a lot of anime and manga series that follows antagonist’s afterlife events.

Blood Lad Season 1 English Dub

Blood Lad is another such series but it was widely appreciated due to its unique take on the subject.

Blood Lad circles around the life of Staz Charlie. Staz is a demon vampire and he is king of the eastern side of the demon world. Wolf rules the western district of the demon world.

Another demon considers him an evil master but Staz is a big fan of Japanese anime and manga culture. He spent his time reading his favorite manga series. He often dreams of visiting the human world.

His world turns upside down when a young Japanese girl named Fuyumi travels to the Demon World through a portal. Staz takes it under his protection and saves her from a demon as well.

However, the girl is eventually killed by a carnivorous plant. Her ghost enters the demon world and starts fading away. It is revealed that Fuyumi can re-enter the human world alive if she travels through a portal and drink Staz’s blood.

Blood Lad Episode 1 English Dub

Blood Lad Season 2

After learning this, Staz pledge to help Fuyumi’s ghost and travel across the demon world to find the portal.
Fuyumi’s Soul often fades and she has to consume blood to keep her soul in the demon world. Thus she develops a taste for blood.

This series has many similarities to another Japanese anime series named Noragami.

Blood Lad All Episodes

Blood Lad is based on the Manga series of the same name penned by Yuuki Kodama. Yuuki wrote the first volume of Blood Lad Manga in 2009.

It was picked up Brain’s Base for anime series which met critical acclaim in 2013. However, the series never saw a second season due to many reasons.

First of all Blood Lad was poorly received in Japan. Season 1 of Blood Lad did exceptionally well in western countries including America and Canada. Thanks to Viz Media’s dubbed version.

Many rumors were circulating online that Blood Lad has been renewed for Season 2 but the truth is that Brain’s Base is hardly thinking about Blood Lad Season 2.

Blood Lad Season 2 Confirmed?

Many fans even signed the petition on sites like Myanimelist and Funimation but they should understand that this is not how Japanese anime work.

A Japanese anime production company will only renew its series if it gets popular in Japan. It doesn’t matter if the series gets extremely popular in other countries.

The only thing that fans can do to help in the renewal of series is by buying DVD of Blood Lad Season 1. Of Course, DVD and Blu-ray sales will speak numbers to Brain’s Base (Production Company).

If the series does well in DVD sale then only it will be renewed for Season 2.

The manga has a total of 17 volumes which means that the production company has more than enough source material for the second season.

When Is Blood Lad Season 2 Coming Out

Season 1 ended with Staz realizing his full potential which was sealed by his elder brother Braz by shooting him.
A Standalone episode (OVA) was released in 2013 which showed that how much Fuyumi has become addicted to blood-drinking.

She left Staz powerless after she drank a good amount of blood out of his body. She is kidnapped in the episode and later rescued by Staz. The episode ended with Staz and Fuyumi gaining blimp that could help them in the portal to the human world.

Blood Lad Season 2 Episode 1

So what Season 2 of Blood Lad can be about? Season 1 was adapted from several storylines of first five volumes of Manga series.

Blood Lad can be continued with season 2 by adapting the next two or three volumes from the manga series.

Let’s hope that DVD and Blu-ray sales of Blood lad rises and Brain’s Base take it in the notice. Blood Lad Season 2 is hanging in middle as of now and we will update this page if the series is ever renewed for a second season.

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