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The Last Alaskans Season 5 – New Season to Air in January 2020 on Discovery

In the Long line of reality TV shows you will hardly find any series as good as The Last Alaskans. This survival reality tv series is as good as it gets. It is an open secret in Hollywood that all reality shows are scripted. These shows play with the mind and emotions of audience so that they can pull out certain emotions while making the viewer feel connected to it.

But The Last Alaskans does not follow this method. It follows the rawness of the concept that gave birth to reality tv shows. The people shown in the series are neither actors nor they are paid to perform certain acts. Instead they are giving audience an inside peak of how tough it is to survive in Alaska.

The land of wilderness and snow is yet to be fully explored. This state is distant from other states of America in terms of technology, resources and society. The Last Alaskans successfully documents these facts and give the audience a fresh reality series.

The Last Alaskans Season 1

The first season of The last Alaskans aired in May 2015 on Discovery channel. Ever since then four seasons has been produced with each one getting better than the previous one.

As the show has limited audience therefore not much information regarding the new season of The Last Alaskans is available online.

When does the New season of the last Alaskans start

The Last Alaskans New Season

However during a Reddit AMA John Hendricks from Discovery channel stated that the channel is obliged to their dedicated viewers and a fifth season of The Last Alaskans is under works.

The Last Alaskans Season 4 aired on discovery channel in fall of 2018. It concluded on 27 January 2019. A Gap is understandable but there is still no tweet or facebook update regarding the production or renewal of The Last Alaskans Season 5.

We are constantly keeping an eye regarding the latest updates of The Last Alaskans New Season and we will update this page as soon as we get an exact confirmation about the release date. The best bet is that we The Last Alaskans might premiere in early 2020.

Why The Last Alaskans is the Best Reality Series

CINEMATOGRAPHY. Imagine witnessing the raw beauty of earths that is untouched for millions of years? Imagine watching it in HD quality without any $hitty music or distracting voice-over.

The Last Alaskans comes really close showing it. We meet a 60 year old man in season 1 who shares how he survived in the bone chilling winds and freezing temperature of Alaska.

A couple in mid 60s shares their beautiful love story that took place in the wilderness of Alaska. We meet a family of 5 where the 3 daughters shares knowledge about fishing and eating in Alaska.

The background music just adds to the beauty of Alaska and gives you feels. You realize that these people are living an extraordinary life under extra ordinary circumstances. You soon feel like you are taking your life for granted as there are people who need to fight to survive, who need to fight on a daily basis just to get food or just to visit a friend couple of miles away.

The show successfully captures the snowfall, the pale yellow sun, the blood moon, the sunset and so many beautiful things that cannot be expressed in words.

What Happened to Bob Harte from The Last Alaskans

The show got a wider audience after the passing of cast member Bob Harte. Bob was featured in 2016 in The Last Alaskans. He shared about how he came to Alaska 40 years ago and became a part of it.

Bob Harte also shared his battle with cancer during all these years but sadly his cancer returned in 2017 and this man of golden heart died in July 2017 due to the deadly disease.

Season 4 was dedicated to the life and death of Bob Harte. The show recalled how Bob was infamous for beating death every now and then. During his 40 years in Alaska, Bob faced everything from wildlife attacks to plane crash and gunshot wounds. However he never backed down and never left Alaska.

Bob Harte will be missed forever. However, there are still many people and many stories to be covered in The Last Alaskans.

The Last Alaskans Season 5 Release Date

We are hopeful that this family infotainment show will return to tv as soon as possible ( probably January 2020). Meanwhile you can watch previous four season of The Last Alaskans on their official website. Discovery removed the previous seasons temporarily but they are added again for online streaming.