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Bones Confirms Space Dandy Season 3 with 2019 Release Date

Space Dandy Season 2 ended with the tagline ‘May Be Continued” and ever since then, fans are speculating about Space Dandy Season 3. However, four years have passed since season 2 (2014) but still, the mystery around the future of Space Dandy is not cleared.

There are many reasons that fans are confused if Space Dandy season 3 will ever happen or not. First of all, Space Dandy is an original anime TV series which ran side by side with its manga adaption. Both manga and anime series ended in 2014. So, we can say that there are not many sources material for the creators to adapt from.

Secondly, Funimation and Madman entertainment are more focused on anime series like Cowboy Bebop and Dragonball Super instead of series like Space Dandy.

However, there are certain reasons that make us positive to expect the third season of Space Dandy. One strong reason is that Space Dandy ended on a high note where there are lots of possibilities for the series to continue. In fact, there are so many directions the series could go on.

Also, Space Dandy has a dedicated fan following which may not be as big as Cowboy Bebop or Dragonball super but is as dedicated nonetheless. Fans have signed online petitions and discussed to lengths about the possibility of the third season.

Space Dandy Wiki

Space Dandy aired on AT-X from January 2014 to August 2014. The 26 episodes were split in 2 seasons.
Rumors became news in late 2017 when Mashahiko Minami (President of Bones Studio) stated that BONES is interested in the third season of Space Dandy.

Masafumi Harada one of the key writers of Space Dandy stated that he is roped in to give the first draft of Space Dandy season 3 and he is currently working on it. This might not assure us about the possible release date of Space Dandy Season 3 but it surely gives us the idea that Space Dandy is moving forward.

Space Dandy Plot

Space Dandy Season 3

Space Dandy is a unique anime series and it is dubbed as a Star Wars type anime space opera. The series follows a young man named Dandy who is an alien hunter. He seems to be inspired by Han Solo of Star wars. He is joined by two companions a robot named QT (which is like Chewbaca) and another AI named Mew (like Princess Leia).
The trio goes on misadventures from one corner of the universe to another and registers alien life with their organization.

Space Dandy expands in 26 episodes across 2 seasons and continues in a non-linear storyline. However, everything makes sense at the end of season 2 when the Narrator of the series introduces itself as the GOD of the universe and give Dandy the opportunity to be the next God of the next universe.

Dandy rejects this opportunity because as a God he cannot go to his favorite restaurant. Therefore the series ends with Dandy running across the galaxy in present day along with his teammates QT and Mew who have no idea of their previous lives.

Several other key characters include Dr. Gel and Admiral Perry. Dandy is being chased by Gogol Empire throughout the series. The main motive of Gogol Empire is to take over the one leader of the whole universe. However, they are often in the fight with rival Jaicro Empire that also has the same motive.

Dr. Gel is a scientist of Gogol empire who found that dandy carries a rare metal named Pyonium. With this metal any person can defy reality. This is also the reason as why Dandy has such deep knowledge of physics and Space. Dandy can also move across space and time without any difficulty.

Space Dandy Season 3 Release Date

As of now the exact premiere date of Space Dandy Season 3 is yet to be announced. However, we can assume that the series will not air any time soon. It might take the studio one more year to air the series.

However, You can watch the first two seasons of Space Dandy Online. It is available for online streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Also, a shooter game was also released by the studio which is one of the best anime based shooter game.