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Why BONES Studio is Delaying Snow White With the Red Hair Season 3?

If you are into romance anime then one must watch show is Snow white with the red hair aka Akagami no Shirayukihime. This anime series completed its second season in March 2016 and since then fans are eagerly waiting for Snow White with the red hair Season 3.

While the name of the anime series is derived from the famous story by Grimm brothers’ yet it is very much different from it. It surely have some elements matching to the famous Disney animated movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ but most of its story is unmatched and unparalleled.

Story of Snow White With the Red Hair

Snow White With the red hair takes place in the fantasy kingdom of Tanbarun where a girl with rare red hairs lives. Her name is ShiraYuki which literally translates to Snow White.

Shirayuki is a herbalist and she wants to improve the medicinal situation of the kingdom.

As red hairs are very rare therefore she has to hide them all the time. However, one time she is noticed by the Prince of Tanbarun, Prince Raji Shenazard.

He forces Shirayuki to be her mistress which she refuses. Afraid of Raji’s power status, she runs away to the nearby kingdom, Clarines. On her way to kingdom she also cuts her red hair so that she doesn’t get in any further trouble.

In Clarines, She befriends a man named Zen who later turns out to be the prince of the kingdom. Prince zen gets even more closer to her when she saves her life.
Snow White With The Red Hair Season 3
Prince Zen eats poisonous apples sent by Prince Raji and meant for Shirayuki. To Save his Life, Shirayuki even go back to Tanbarun and confront Raji. However, Prince Zen is immune to the poison and thus relieves Shirayuki.

The duo develops a mutual affection which is hard to be describe in words.

Their growing relationship makes prince Izana (elder brother of Zen and True heir of Clarines) worried. He decides to test the strength of their bond by placing them in certain situations.

However, each time Prince Zen and Shirayuki comes out of the problem together and even stronger.

Snow White With The Red Hair Season 1

The story then continues in a non linear fashion where back story of each and every character is explored. However, the main focus remains on Zen and Shirayuki and how they are being admired and loved by other people as well.

For example, On of Zen’s aides, Obi develops feelings for Shirayuki. However, he controls his feelings due to his loyalty for both Zen and Shirayuki.

Meanwhile, Shirayuki also finds about his lost father and makes some new friends. On quality that Shirayuki poses is the ability to forgive others.

This results in her winning hearts of people who were contracted to kill her.

In the first season we saw how Shirayuki and Zen finds it hard to avoid each other. They share a mutual attraction that developed instantly after their first meeting.

Their friendship is often questioned due to the social status difference between two.

Snow White With The Red Hair Season 2

In the second season, we saw that how Shirayuki and Zen are drawn close to each other and finally accept each other as lovers.

However, their problem does not end there. In fact, their love is tested by Zen’s elder brother who wants Zen to get married.

The season ended with Shirayuki and Zen hugging each other and promising that one day they will be husband and wife.

Even though there was not much twists and turns in the story of Snow White with the red hair yet we were left on a cliff hanger after season 2.

They could have ended the story by second season itself. All they have to do is to get Zen and Shirayuki married.

But as the producers have left on a cliff hanger then surely we are going to see yet another season of Snow White with the red hair.

Snow White With the Red Hair Season 3 Release Date?

The third season might be the last season of the anime series. This is because the first season did not create any major antagonist or protagonist.

The only attraction that the show has – Will Zen and Shirayuki ever get married?

We know the answer is Yes but the question is How?

The reason why this anime show has such huge popularity is because of its simplicity. Snow white with the red hair presents simple solutions to tough problems thereby giving positivity to its audience.

The show is based on Shojo manga series created by Sorata Akizuki. From 2006 to present day, 17 volumes of the manga series has been published.

There is more than enough source material for the producers to move on with third season. But they are delaying third season because Bones studio is currently focused on other major anime series.

Snow white with the red hair didn’t bring as much demographic audience as My Hero Academia, Noragami and Mob Psycho 100.

However, the studio has cleared in past that fans can surely hope for Snow White with the red hair season 3.

Meanwhile, the first two seasons of Snow White With the Red hair are available for online streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.