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Jun Maeda Gives Update About Angel Beats Season 2 Release Date

Some anime shows deserves second season and Angel Beats without any doubt is one among them. Each year fans of the show prank each other that Angel Beats Season 2 is happening on April Fools ’ Day but in reality there is no solid news about the show.

Angel Beats is one of those rare anime shows that revolves around a sensitive subject (Death and Afterlife) and presents it so beautifully and positively.

The cult fan following of this anime show is only increasing every year and yet the makers are not revealing their intentions about the future of Angel Beats.

Should We Expect Second Season of Angel Beats?

If you’re one of the fans of the show who wants to see the second season of Angel Beats then we have got good news for you.

Jun Maeda who original wrote the Angel Beats screenplay and later turned it into a visual novel has hinted that Angel Beats Season 2 is the need of the hour.

This news becomes important since the sequel of Angel Beats! 1st beat is just around the corner. The original video game was released in 2015 (5 years after the original anime series). Now that VisualArt’s is working on the key storyline of the sequel this makes way for more source material for second season.

Jun has already cleared that Angel beats is close to his heart and he won’t compromise with the quality of the show (if it happens). He would be heavily involved in the sequel of the game and if the production company PA works doesn’t get inspired by the sales of the video games then god knows what else will motivate them for Angel Beats Season 2.
Angel Beats Season 2
As the show has such huge fan following so online streaming sites such as Crunchyroll and Funimation bought the streaming rights of first season.

Plot of Angel Beats

As the scope of first season expanded so did its ratings. Review aggregator sites such as IMDB and MyAnimeList.net listed it as one of the most watched anime series of all time.

If you haven’t watched this anime show yet then here is brief synopsis for you –

Angel Beats revolves around a young boy named Yuzuru Otonashi. Yuzuru is an aspiring medical student who dies in a tragic train accident on the day of his exam.

His soul enters a limbo state where he is enrolled as one of the passers of a high school. He forgets everything about his real life. In order to get a chance back again at life, Yuzuru has to learn from his mistakes and make peace with them.

Yuzuru meets Yuri Nakamura who is a fellow student and leader of a group named SSS (Shinda Sekei Sensen). Yuri is at odds against the school president, Angel. She believes that they are unfairly kept in this limbo world and they deserve a second chance at life.

Angel possesses supernatural powers and she uses them against Yuri and the members of SSS to maintain discipline at school.

Yuzuru meets another student named Naoi who was originally thought to be a NPC (Non-player character, non human). Naoi actually possess the power of hypnosis which he uses against Yuzuru. This results in Yuzuru remembering everything about his real life.

With this regained access of memory, Yuzuru solves disputes between Angel and Yuri and show them the real meaning of this afterlife. He informs that they have to help other students to pass on from this limbo state so that they can once get a chance at life.

Angel (real name Kanade Tachibana) agrees to help Yuzuru while Yuri resist at first. However, the trio along with the help of Hinata and Naoi helps other students of the school to pass on.

The first season follows on how the trio have to face challenge from monster shadows and how hard it is to pass each and every student from the limbo state.

The good thing about Angel beats is that it gives you a valuable lesson and that is to respect life and live it fully.

No one wants to die until they have made peace with themselves. Not only you will love the theme and story of the show but also the up lifting music of the show. It is made even better by the Girls Dead Monster Band.

If you love guitar riffs then you have one more reason to watch this great anime show.

We are yet to confirm if there will be Angel Beats Season 2 or not but we hope that the producers are reading all the positive reviews of the show on internet and decides to go forward with another season.

Til then, Go watch Angel Beats Season 1 online on Crunchyroll.