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What A-1 Pictures Say About The Asterisk War Season 3 Premiere?

The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water aka Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku is one of the most popular action anime series. It gained huge popularity after season 2 ended in December 2016. However, A-1 Pictures often playing with fans regarding the future of the anime series.

When the second season of the anime was on air, A-1 Pictures and Madman entertainment both stated that The Asterisk War Season 3 is a given as the story will not end by second season.

However in mid 2017, one of the studio executives revert the statement and said that it was only to improve the fan base of the show.

The Future of The Asterisk War

Interestingly the show did receive a positive applause and a huge fan base in last two years. But still there are only rumors and no clear news regarding The Asterisk war season 3.

We already know that the show has a lot of potential and in fact the first two seasons has only covered the base of an awesome storyline.

We are yet to see Ayoto’s fight in Gryps Festa and Haruko’s revival from comatose state.

The second season promoted Gryps festa as a bigger and much better tournament than Phoenix festa. So surely, they have to make the series even better with new fight styles.

Plot of The Asterisk War

If you are fan of action anime then The Asterisk war is a must watch.

The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the humanity has died out. The remaining human breed has evolved into some type of superheroes.
The Asterisk War Season 3
The post-apocalyptic planet is now controlled by an organization named Togo Kigyo Zatai. The mega corporation decides to organize fight tournaments among the genstella (superhumans) so that they can learn to use their power.

In order to do so, the organization make 6 different academies that train students for big tournaments called Festas.

Ayoto is one such powerful genestella who is in search of his missing sister Haruko.

He is enlisted to his sister’s academy Seidoukan Academy. Ayoto tries his best to not attract unwanted attention yet he is often challenged for duels by other academy students.

His fighting technique and his gentle behaviour earns him female friends at the academy. Among them is Julis who is actually a princess. She reveals that she enlisted herself due to her parents’ pressure.

She also tells Ayoto that she wants to donate to a church and make lives of her countrymen easier.

Ayoto also meets her childhood friend Saya who is one of the top fighters of the academy. Saya tells that she wants to win the Phoenix festa for her father.

Silver haired Kirin is the topmost fighter of the academy despite being just 13 year old. She is being manipulated by her uncle for his own gains. However, Ayoto befriends her and later become her training partner.

Beautiful Claudia is council president of the academy and the major strategist of the participating team.

Ayoto wields a pointed sword called ser veresta. It can unleash superpower that can easily defeat any opponent. However, the power can only last for five minutes which raises trouble for Ayoto.

Two pair of teams (Ayoto and Julis; Saya and Kirin) from the Seidoukan academy enters the Phoenix festa.

Ayoto’s only motive is to find the whereabouts of his lost sister. However, he take it upon himself to win the tournament and save Julis from any danger.

The Asterisk War Season 1

The first season focuses on how Ayoto and Julis form a team and prepare themselves for the upcoming tournament. The students of Seidoukan academy are being attacked so that they take they get injured before the tournament. This does not stop the duo of Ayoto and Julis to enter and rank up in the tournament.

The Asterisk War Season 2

The second season continues with Ayoto and Julis winning their battles in Phoenix Festa. They get worried about their possible opponent, the robots AR-D and RM-C.

Meanwhile, Ayoto is also forced to not to use his weapon any further in the tournament.

The second season ended with Ayoto and Julis defeating the robot and winning the Phoenix festa.

But this was not the conclusion of their story as it has only begun. Ayoto finally finds his sister Haruka in a comatose state.

Ayoto decides to find out about the culprit of his sister’s condition. He pledge to win the upcoming Grysp festa which even bigger than the Phoenix festa.

But he faces challenges when his team is not yet ready for upcoming event.

The Asterisk War Season 3 Release Date?

The Asterisk war is two season old but it still has to unfold its biggest storyline. What happened to Haruko and Why? How Ayoto will win the tournament and avenge her sister?

Also we would love to see new weapons in the third season.

A-1 Pictures is not giving a clear statement about the future of the anime series but the studio has a habit of releasing any anime series unannounced. Are they secretly working on The Asterisk War Season 3 ? Only God Knows.