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4 Reasons On Why National Treasure 3 should happen IMMEDIATELY

It’s been 10 years since the last National treasure film out and ever since then fans are craving for National Treasure 3. Every now and then Disney studios (and Nicolas Cage) tease fans about the third installment in the National treasure series but the reality is far from the online theories and rumors. One things is for sure that if National treasure 3 happens then it will break many records at box office and will surely gross $1 billion (and above) .

We are dying for National treasure 3 and there are many reasons that we can give you on why National Treasure 3 should happen –

1. For those who have seen National treasure series admire the fact presentation and fact checking of the movie. It’s like we are reliving history but in a more entertaining and safer way.

2. Nicolas Cage the lead actor of the film has gained a cult following on internet. The actor was already a global icon but social media made him a legend. It all started with a Nicolas Cage Meme in late 2000s and ever since then we have seen all kind of Nicolas cage and still demand for more. Surely Disney should cash on his popularity and deliver another blockbuster at box office.

3. National treasure is Indiana Jones for current generation. Surely it is not as iconic as Lucas-Spielberg film series but it surely has its own iconic moments. Disney should understand this fact and go for a third National treasure film before we are too old (and less interested).

4. There is Lack of Family movies these days and National treasure 3 could be the best live action family film of this decade. Disney clearly knows how positively audience are taking Live action family movies. The Jungle Book is a perfect example. Disney has even released spin off books of the titular character of National Treasure series and this surely means that they know the potential of the series.
National Treasure 3
I guess these reasons are strong enough to convince anyone on planet for why National Treasure 3 should happen. But Sadly Disney still got a long way to cover for the third installment in national treasure series. Nicolas cage confirmed recently that Disney is serious about the third National Treasure film but he added that the script is very hard to write. National Treasure movies are based on real life history and they provide real facts that connect to the story of the film. However to make an interesting film they have to re-read all the history again and again just to come up with a brilliant script.

Nicolas Cage stated in an Interview in January 2017 that National Treasure 3 might turn into reality as the studio is pushing hard for it. Disney has hired a group of writers that can weave reality facts into a fantasy story.
The bottom line is that National treasure 3 is sitting on Gold Mine and it’s a good thing that Disney is looking for the perfect script so that the audience can get what they are expecting for. There have been far too many ugly sequels and we cannot afford an Independence day 2 like treatment with National treasure 3.