‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’ Season 2 Release Date On BBC

BBC is taking forever to announce about the release date of Season 2 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”. Season 1 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” ended in June 2015 with high critical acclaim. Although it was a miniseries but let’s not forget that it was adapted from the first two volumes of the critically acclaimed trilogy penned by Susanna Clarke. So in our opinion BBC should consider producing series 2 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” because there is lot of story still left to cover. Here is a brief overview of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” and what Season 2 will hold in store for us.

First of all those who haven’t read “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” books, I would recommend you to add the trilogy in your must-read novels. The “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” trilogy holds a 3.8 rating on Goodreads.com and is universally acclaimed. If you are not much into books then you should surely watch the TV miniseries as it is one of the best fantasy TV series produced. Series 1 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” is available for streaming online on Netflix. I bet you will binge-watch the whole series and wonder why BBC is not going for “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” season 2?

Brief Overview of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”

The novel is set in 19th century England in an alternate history. In this timeline magic is universally acknowledged but is not allowed to practice. Jonathan strange is a practicing magician who wants to become the greatest magician of all time. Mr Norrell, on the other hand, wants to bring back the magic practicing to common realm. A series of unexpected tragic events starts when Jonathan strange the dead fiance of a minister. The story follows on how Jonathan strange and Mr Norrell tackle these tragic events.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Season 2

Why “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” deserves a Second Run?

The high ratings of both novels and TV miniseries tell why “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” deserves a second run. The TV miniseries holds a 90% fresh rating on Rottentomatoes and 8.3 rating on IMDB. Although it was not as popular when it was aired in 2015 but it slowly gained fan following (thanks to Netflix Online streaming).

Possibility of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” Season 2

Series 1 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” was a 7 part BBC miniseries that aired in May 2015 and ended in June 2015 with a total of 7 episodes. Although the seventh episode titled “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” was the penultimate episode of the series yet fans are demanding for a second season of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”. This is because the first season was based on first two volumes of the novel trilogy of same name. Susanna Clarke who penned down the trilogy has stated that she working on sequels of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” novels. This means that there could be a whole new story and BBC would surely profit from Season 2 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”.

Although there is no Official announcement about the second season of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” but we believe that BBC will renew the series at one time or another. BBC have a good amount of content to cover and they can follow the ‘Game of thrones’ style where David Benioff and DB Weiss went on to produce season 6 (and now season 7) with the help of GRR Martin.

We expect the announcement of Season 2 of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” anytime now. We will update this page as soon as we get any update about the possible sequel of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” series. Subscribe our newsletter so that you can get all the latest updates about “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”.