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Will The CW Renew ‘Frequency’ TV Series For Season 2?

The CW came up with a brand new TV series “Frequency” that debuted on 5 October 2016. The early reviews of this sci fi series were positive and it raised the question that whether or not “Frequency” has the potential to be renewed for Season 2. Although it would be too early to comment on about second season of “Frequency” but we do accept that the plot is impressive.

“Frequency” is based on the sci fi movie of same name that starred Dennis Quaid. The movie was a surprise hit at both commercial and critical level. It was able to earn double the profit and gain a good cult fan following. The CW has surely picked up a good movie and we hope that it turns as good as the movie was.

Frequency Season 2

For those who don’t know about the movie and haven’t seen the trailer for “Frequency”, I would recommend them to do watch it. Sci fi geeks and people who like time travel stuff would surely love it. The plot of “Frequency” TV series is set in real time and revolves around Raimy Sullivan who is a NYPD officer. Her father Frank Sullivan (who was also a NYPD officer) was killed in a shootout in 1996. Due to some mysterious weather conditions Raimy receives strange signals on her radio. As she tune in she hears her deceased father’s voice. She speaks to him and warns him about the tragic accident he will face. This creates a Butterfly effect and creates a new timeline. The duo of father and daughter must work together to fix the space time continuum. How they face up the challenges is the premise of “Frequency”.

That is surely an interesting theme but how far the series can go? It totally depends on the creative team and writers. “Frequency” has received mix reviews as of now. It currently holds a fresh rating of 65% on RottenTomatoes and 7.0 rating on IMDB.

Possible Premiere Date of “Frequency” Season 2

Although the reviews of “Frequency” are not so exciting but we have a reason to believe that the TV series will return for Second Season. The reason is Jeremy Carver. Jeremy has created sci fi mystery series such as Supernatural and Being Human in past. Both these TV series were based on a complex plot but were able to impress critics and audience alike. We can surely expect that Jeremy will create magic with “Frequency” and as the series progress it will surely gain more fans.

As of now there is no official announcement about the possible renewal of “Frequency” TV series. We will update this page as soon as we get an update about Season 2 of “Frequency”. Don’t forget to subscribe us so that you can get a mail notification about “Frequency” Season 2. You can catch up “Frequency” Season 1 on The CW network from 9 pm to 10 pm every Wednesday.