Should ABC Renew Marvel’s ‘Agents of Shield’ For Season 5?

When Will “Agents of Shield” Season 5 Premiere?

There are very good chances that “Agents of Shield” Season 5 would happen. It has been observed by many media outlets that “Agents of Shield” is falling apart as a show and ABC and Marvel shows no interest in taking it to the long edge. However, proving every guess wrong Season 4 of “Agents of Shield” premiered with whooping stats on 20th September 2016.

Both critics and audience praised the premiere episode of season 4 of “Agents of Shield”. It introduced Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes aka The Ghost Rider. Audience were particularly impressed with the sequence where Ghost Rider’s skull was set ablaze. That was some really cool CGI stuff. As if that was not enough to hook up fans, “Agents of Shield” introduced the new CAPTAIN AMERICA in episode 2 “Meet the Boss”.

Agents of Shield Season 5

Of course the real Captain America (Steve Rogers) is hiding in the kingdom of Wakanda under the protection of Black Panther when we last saw him. But “Agents of Shield” has introduced a new character named Jeffery (mace) played by Jason O’mara. Diehard comic book fans know that Jeffery mace is the name of superhero PATRIOT who once was Captain America.

All this point out only one thing that Marvel is serious for “Agents of Shield” and it won’t let the show ruined. It further ensures that “Agents of Shield” will be renewed for Season 5.  There is no official announcement about the Premiere date of “Agents of Shield” season 5 but a rough guess is that it would return in September 2017. “Agents of Shield” Season 4 will cover up by May 2017.

Whether you are a diehard fan of “Agents of Shield” or just an occasional watcher, it is a fact that “Agents of Shield” is not performing that good as it was expected earlier. When Season 1 of “Agents of Shield” premiered in September 2013, everyone was expecting it to break records. It performed well under the guidance of Joss Whedon. It was able to gain over 17 million viewers with the pilot episode. That number dropped drastically in the next few seasons. Statistically the premiere episode of Season 4 “The Ghost” was watched by around 3.44 million viewers. That is around one fifth drop in the number of viewers. Obviously “Agents of Shield” was not able to connect with fans and lost audience gradually.

On the sunny side, we are seeing an increase in the quality of the show. This time Marvel is focusing on the progression of storyline. We could expect that the number of audience would increase over time. Now that “Agents of Shield” has introduced new superheroes (Ghost rider c’mon), it is safe to say that “Agents of Shield” will return with season 5. Although there is no official date for the premiere of fifth season of “Agents of Shield” but you need not worry. We will update this page as soon as we get news about “Agents of Shield” Season 5.  Don’t forget to subscribe us to the get the latest details about “Agents of Shield” Season 5 in your inbox.