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‘The 100’ Season 4 Release Date CONFIRMED on The CW

The CW has finally announced that “The 100” Season 4 will air in summer of 2017. Here is a brief overview of “The 100” TV series and what to expect from Season 4 of “The 100”.

“The 100” TV series Overview

“The 100” had a ‘Lost’ like theme in several ways and many fans were suspecting that it might cheat its viewer like LOST. The penultimate episode of “The 100” is still far away but it is comforting to know that the series is getting better episode after episode. Fans are rallying behind the show which is visible from the increase in number of viewers and rating.

If you still haven’t watched “The 100” then you are surely missing an entertaining show. “The 100” is set in a futuristic era. Earth is totally wiped out of living beings after a nuclear explosion. Nearly 2500 people survived the disastrous event as they were in different space stations orbiting the earth. 97 years has passed, the survivors now live with a strict set of rules and anyone who breaks the rule is sent floating in the space.  It is at this time when the survivors send 100 teenagers (who were held prisoners) to earth. The teenagers land near modern Washington. There only mission is to find out if earth is habitable again or not?

Although the show got better in the later seasons but it I have to admit that the first few episodes of “The 100” were painful to watch. Kudos to The CW for amazingly improving the quality of the show over time and making it one of the most interesting show in recent years.  This is the reason why fans are now wondering that When is “The 100” coming back on TV?

The 100 Season 4

“The 100” holds a 90% Fresh ratings on RottenTomatoes and a respectable 7.8 on IMDB. The ratings on IMDB are a bit low as first season of “The 100” was not much enjoyable. However If The CW continue with the improvements then it will surely fire above the 8.0 mark on IMDB.

Season 4 of “The 100”

It was predictable that “The 100” will be renewed by The CW for a fourth season but the real question was when it will be aired? The first update about “The 100” Season 4 came in March 2016, when The CW announced that “The 100” has been renewed for Season 4. They further added that Season 4 of “The 100” consist of 13 episodes. However there was no update about the premiere date of “The 100” Season 4.

UPDATE in September 2016:

There is a new update about the plot of “The 100” Season 4. Season 3 ended with Clarke destroying the AI Allie. Season 4 will continue with earth getting on the verge of a nuclear explosion. The killing of LGBT character Lexa met negative reviews but The CW has announced that they will justify the killing of Lexa in Season 4. Also it was announced by The CW that “The 100” will be premiered on TV in summer of 2017.