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Top 100 Best Hollywood Actors Of All Time

Greatest Hollywood Actors in the History of Cinema

In its history of near about 100 years Hollywood has seen hundreds of thousands of actors to try their luck on screen. However,only handfuls of them were successful enough to leave an ever-lasting impression on the mind of audience. These actors were not only popular among audience during their peak time but were also admired by the next younger generations. Some of them focused on the pure entertainment, some focused on method acting and while many branched out from acting to other fields of film making like Direction and Screenplay writing. Some actors even achieved a god like cult status. Before you read any further let me tell you that this list was compiled after poll among 50 film lovers. You will find many of your favorite actors and will also find several highest paid hollywood actors of all time. Please note that this list has covered famous hollywood actors of almost all decades. So not only you will find your favorite childhood hero but you will also find the leading actors of this decade.

Here is the list of Top 100 Greatest Hollywood Actors of All time. If you find any of your favorite Hollywood actor missing then please let us know in comments. We would also like to hear who is your favorite actor in the list.

100. Patrick Swayze
best hollywood actors
99. Kevin Bacon
best hollywood actors
98. Benicio Del Toro
best hollywood actors
97. Harvey Kietel
best hollywood actors
96. Ed Harris
best hollywood actors
95. Willem Dafoe
best hollywood actors
94. Charles Laughton
best hollywood actors
93. Michael Douglas
best hollywood actors
92. James Caan
best hollywood actors
91. Robert Downey Jr.
best hollywood actors
90. Richard Burton
best hollywood actors
89. Alec Guiness
best hollywood actors
88. Geoffrey rush
best hollywood actors
87. Christopher Lee
best hollywood actors
86. Hugo Weaving
best hollywood actors
85. Viggo Mortensen
best hollywood actors
84. Sylvester Stallone
best hollywood actors
83. Arnold Schwarzenegger
best hollywood actors
82. Tim Robbins
best hollywood actors
81. Javier Bardem
best hollywood actors

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  1. Also my top ten
    1.Tom hanks green mile, forest gump, Philadelphia, cast away and big
    2. Robin Williams good will hunting, mrs doubtfire, dead poets society and good morning Vietnam
    3. Bruce Willis, sixth sense, die hard, moonrise kingdom and looper
    4. Matt Damon good will hunting, saving private Ryan, Bourne series, invictus and the departed
    5. Mark Wahlberg boogie nights, Ted, Italian job, the departed, the fighter, the other guys, invincible
    6 Leonardo DiCaprio titanic, the departed, basketball diaries, Gilbert grape, wolf of Wall Street, inception
    7. Jim Carey Truman show, eternal sunshine, dumb and dumber and liar liar
    8. Robert de Niro casino, raging bull, goodfellas, heat, taxi driver, deer hunter
    9. Brad Pitt moneyball, fight club, 12 monkeys, world war z, seven, snatch
    10. Denzel Washington flight, glory, Malcolm x, American gangster, Philadelphia, training day
    Honurable mentions Edward Norton, Johnny depp, Al Pacino, Ben stiller Daniel day Lewis and Heath ledger

  2. Can never understand why Brando always features so highly on these lists. He only made half a dozen films and slurred his way through most of those. Depp too – just wierd. Gable not even in the top 50 can’t be right and how can a little boy like Di Caprio be above John Wayne and Bogart? It’s ridiculous! However, good list overall, with the top men all there.

  3. Robin Williams should be in the top ten he has acted in very great movies and he won awards and he has made more than fifty movies.Bit the list is good.๐Ÿ‘

  4. Ones that appear to have been missed: James Mason, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi are a definite for the list. Anthony Perkins, Dan Akroyd, Fess Parker, Donald and Keifer Sutherland are a possibility.

    And move Sean Penn way, way down the list – maybe to 101..

  5. good one though
    but humphrey bogart and clarke gable deserve to be in the top 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Very good listed
    When u put al Pacino ,brando on 1or 2 is nice
    And depp in top 10…
    But I think top 5
    I will be great list

  7. Yes!!! Johnny Depp should be number one!! He’s the best!!! Anyway…i think Robvert De Niro should be in this list and James Franco ….

  8. Who is this marlon brando , and in which film he act , and which character did he made. All poor actors poor films noone inspire us even in our country this top ten acters are totally unknown. We just like JHONNY DEPP who gives blockbusters characters all over the universe many hence we like him.The we knows some OUR best heroes ian macklen (gandalf) arnold (terminator) geofry rush (barbossa) tom cruise(ethan hunt) Heath leadger(joker) will smith jackie chan are also good but noone in top ten what is standard?

  9. No M. Cain, D. DeVito, H. Jackman….?

    Gary Oldman, Robert Downey Jr., Chaplin and Joaquin Phoenix should be in top 15.

  10. No issue with Brando at or near very top, but I also like to think of this subject in terms of balance – meaning, i don’t think just because they employed a less modern approach to acting, older stars shouldn’t be considered invalid, and I really think a big part of what my Top 10 would consist of actors from further back, Spencer Tracy and Frederic March in particular. as others have noted, this list is a bit too top heavy with very recent actors.

  11. Very heavy with modern actors. Where’s William Holden, Jack Lenmon, and Tony Curtis?

  12. Good list. For Dustin Hoffman note: Tootsie, Little Big Man, Ratso Rizzo, Rainman. Beat that for versatility.

  13. Tom cruise should be in top ten if bradd is 19,,tom is more goodlooking and succesful dan pitt

  14. Costner and Harrison Ford are terrible, James Caan #92 should be top 30 on any conceivable list and Gene Hackman would be my #1.. Ben Stiller? LoL! had the list went to 120 Jack Black, Seth Rogen, and Adam Sandler would have made it. Top 150 would have got Pauly Shore, Bu-ddy, Robert Redford or Will Smith spots need to take a hike for Burt Lancaster. Seriously, Danny Devito is a better actor than Will Whooo! Smith.

  15. OK, I really like the older actors and some great ones are listed, but where in the world is Walter Pidgeon?! He was excellent in “Madame Curie”, “Mrs. Miniver” and “How Green Was My Valley” and was nominated for best actor in two of those three movies listed.

  16. No way should Woody Harrelson even be on this list. Along with so many others, that are! Sorry!

  17. Obviously I would change certain things based on opinion, but this is definitely the best list that I have seen

  18. clint eastwood is the best actor of all time, the best director of all time and a talented jazz musician to boot! NO.1 in everything without any doubt! Amazing array of different films all beautifully produced. I love this man!!

  19. How on earth di caprio is near bale…if bale is 13 then dicaprio must be 31…thats how talented christian bale is….he should be in top 10.. .just becuase he isnt a paperrazzi nd less commercial than leo doesnt mean he is less than him…nd johnny depp too out of 30…

  20. dont compare from the dark knight…compare overall….bale is limited in triology….but look at american psycho, rescue dawn, fighter…

  21. Al pacino should be the no. 1….gary oldman way in top 10…hes got a crazy range…christian bale in top 10..he is one crazy actor..

  22. My list
    1.Liam Neeson
    2.AL Pacino
    3.Robert DeNiro
    4.Kevin Spacey
    5,Robie Williams
    6.Johnny Depp
    7.Hugh Jackaman
    8.Humphrey Bogart
    9.Robert Downey Jr
    10.Michael Caine
    11.Garry Oldman
    12.Joe Pesci
    13.Steve McQueene
    14.Christian Bale
    Marlon Brando is just way to good to put on any list!

  23. Buster Keaton’s not on that list? And why is Charlie Chaplin so low on that list? Can’t believe Laurence Olivier isn’t on there either…

  24. here’s my list:
    1. Christian Bale
    2. Leonardo DiCaprio
    3. Daniel Day Lewis
    4. Matthew McConaughey
    5. Johnny Depp
    that’s my favourite list, for the best list, i think pacino and de niro deserve in top 5 over johny depp and perhaps McConaughey

  25. Jake Gyllenhaal? Patrick Stewart? Bryan Cranston?? John Malkovich? Way too many brilliant actors left out..

  26. Robert de Niro is number one ever…being an A-list actor for forty years is something no actor has accomplished…Jack Nicholson could be considered number 2.

  27. stongly disagree with list.. Major mistake in leaving Burt Lancaster off – top 10 actor of all time. Patrick Swayze on a greatest actor. List and Richard Widmark, Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power left off. -really .

  28. Some of these people don’t have enough movies under their belt to warrant being so high on the list. Harrison Ford should absolutely be #1, as he has proven capable of being a dynamic actor across the board. Drama, action, humor. He wins.

  29. Pretty good list overall, but I think Pacino should be 4th, with Brando,Deniro, and Nicholson a tie for first! Deniro is my personal favorite but Jack is almost beyond belief in One flew over the cuckoos nest, and Brando’s talent is undeniable! Edward G Robinson simply can’t be left off a top 25 list never mind a top 100 list! Laurence Olivier is a bad omission too! I would make a few other changes but list is not bad.

  30. why is JOHNNY DEPP only top 11!! i’m sad … but its ok… for me … he’s always top 1 !! I LOVE YOU JOHNNY DEPP!! more powerrrrr :))

  31. I agree …… he is brilliant …. I would rate him very high on the list

    I saw Manhattan melodrama after watching 2 minute clip of his performance in Public Enemies …. tells something about his acting skills

  32. I agree. Bale is one of the most talented actors out there. I totally love his movies… Well, most of them. Didn’t like the Machinist though (not my kind of movies), but indeed his acting skills in that movie were outstanding; not to mention the sacrifice he went through to embody his character. Oh, and don’t forget American Psycho.

  33. Mmmmmmm…I think from what I’ve seen, this may be more about movie “stars” than a list of great actors listed in order of talent and also falls prey to “who’s currently big right now” syndrome. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes this list, but I didn’t see Burt Lancaster, Charles Laughton, Robert Mitchum, Laurence Olivier, Boris Karloff, Claude Rains, and–oh heck, more than I can recall offhand really!

  34. Common…..Christian bale deserves better………he works so hard….nd the one who commented he gives same performance is a d0uc#e bag viewer….he is different in all his movies…..from voice to body language…..thats why he should be on the top

  35. Stallone? didn’t Rocky Balboa made you cry? Rambo made you say a big YES! ? and is Jackie Chan not belong? Liam Neeson? ‘nways Depp is Something else. he can cary Drama Comedy Adventure Science fiction Action what more?

  36. Some minor adjustments should be made to the list, but one HUGE flaw is the fact that Clark Gable did not make it onto the list.

  37. Christopher Lloyd did really good in back to the future but his other movies aren’t really good or well known

  38. There are some great actors on here……and some that don’t belong. You forgot Paul Muni (The best prepared actor of all), Claude Raines, Victor McGauglin, Edward G. Robinson, Randolph Scott, Danny Kaye (The man could sing, dance, do comedy and serious acting), Lawrence Olivia, Mickey Rooney, Charles Laughton, Lionel Barrymore………your list has many missing and some who shouldn’t even be on it……JMO, but these valid names proves it!

  39. They did put James Stewart in there, but totally agree with everything you said…Mitchum, Lancaster, and Clift are no brainers, shouldn’t even be a list without them…take off Arnold and Stallone and put on Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mc

  40. I think you should move Harrison Ford up to at least the Top 10 he is one of the greatest Actors and has played some of the greatest Characters in HISTORY OF ALL MOVIES AND TRILOGIES

  41. This list is good but some great actors have not been mentioned,such as laurence olivier, alan rickman,michael caine,steve buscemi,woody harrelson,montgommery clift and christopher lloyd

  42. oh yeah…..Arnold and Stallone took Errol Flynn and Tyrone Powers spot on this “list”….I am in for a sleepless night….Thank God for TCM!!!

  43. You have forgotten two other terrific actors who should be on that list. Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth. They have done terrific work in comedy and drama.

  44. Im glad that Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale it among these great actors in top 15 ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. I guess no women on this list? Anyway for guys: Peter Fonda, Emilio Estevez, Michael Beck, Tom Berringer, Kurt Russell, Henry Winkler, Edward Furlong, Keifer and Donald Sutherland, Alan Alda…

  46. Denzel glory, Malcolm x, Philadelphia, crimson tide, devil in a blue dress, the hurricane, remember the titans, training day, antwone fisher, inside man, American gangster, flight, should be top 5 just saying

  47. You missed a number of great actors including Jose Ferrer, Mel Ferrer, John Wayne, Stewart Granger and a least dozen other. Samuel L. Jackson never saw a movie role or TV commercial he could turn down, which is why he is one of the wealthiest supporting actors around.

  48. my own top 15 in no particular order … Michael J Fox, Anthony Hopkins, Gregory Peck, Sydney Poitier, Johnny Depp, James Garner, Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Cary Grant, Christian Bale, Jan Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Mickey Rooney, Alan Alda, Christopher Lloyd

  49. Charlie Sheen? he did lots of great movies like Platoon,Wall Street,Hot Shots and Major League. He also did one of the hardest tasks which is saving Spin City after Michael J Fox’s health problems.

  50. Nick Cage, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson should not even be in the top 50. Let alone Nick Cage and John Travolta be on the list.

  51. GARY OLDMAN should be in the top 10. He’s at 48? Are you kidding me? His versatility is better than anyone here.

  52. Whoa!! I know I’m part of the younger generation but Stallone and Arnold?! Really?! What about Burt Lancaster? Montgomery Cliff? Even Robert Mitchum, James Coburn, Anthony Quinn and James Stewart were ignored!! What about Fred Astaire? I would also like to add two severely underrated actors, Giovanni Ribisi and George Peppard (Guy from Breakfast at tiffany’s).

  53. Christian Bale and Will Smith act circles around Depp. Depp just gets unbelievably eclectic roles. Not to mention Tim Burton’s infatuation with him.

  54. Denzel Washington is not high enough on the list. Maybe one of the greatest actors of all time. He can play any part and dominate it. I like just about all the actors on this list but he is a leader of men at his profession. I am younger so actors only in black and white i don’t know. But since the early 90’s I’m not sure I’ve seen a better overall actor. Will play any part and own it. Obviously there are guys like Daniel Day Lewis who are amazing actors but hand pick and only play parts they will own. There are other actors that will own the same part over and over again. Jason Statham Is awesome but plays the same part in every movie. A villain is a villain a hero is a hero. Very few actors can play both. Denzel can play both and everything in between. I would easily put him in my top 5 of all time even though none of his movies are probably near my top 10 ever. He is just an incredible actor that knows how to perform. There is a fine line between good and great and he walks that barefoot.

  55. My opinions and favorite films they have been in.

    1.Al Pacino… Scarface, Godfather, and Donnie Brasco, Carlitos way
    2.Dustin hoffman… For Rainman alone but kramer vs kramer is amazing
    3.Kevin spacey… American beauty, usual suspects, l.a confidential, Glengarry Glen Ross
    4.Robin williams…Good will hunting, dead poet society, The Fisher King (best stand up comedian ever
    5.Jack Nicholson… One flew over the cuckoos nest, the shining
    6. Robert De Niro… Raging bull casino and goodfellas oh and taxi driver
    7.Samuel L Jackson… Pulp Fiction, shaft, Jackie brown
    8.Christopher walken… everything he’s been in… Love king of new york
    9.Eddie Murphy… Everything he’s been in plus his stand up and music
    10.Daniel day Lewis…Gangs of new york, The Last of the Mohicans, My Left Foot

  56. I guess this list was compiled by younger people. Strange that the most popular entertainer of the 20th century was not included! Bing Crosby.

  57. I look at a lot of lists and no one every brings up the name Mickey Rooney.
    He achieved as much as anyone. James Cagney should be higher. What about Fred

  58. jason statham, van dame , vin diesel , hugh jackman, keanu reeves , jackie chan r missing in this list. more emphasis is given to drama despite of action. action should also be given equal weightage.

  59. You can measure the skills of an actor mostly in drama movies, i think jason is great, but he’s pure action

  60. No one is as crazy as depp, but just watch the Godfather and you will see why the top 2 are ranked there.

  61. Well, I think Jonah Hill should definitely be there, he is one of the greatest comedians ever…

  62. Pheew! WTH is Hugh Jackman? According to me, top 10 :
    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Hugh Jackman
    3. Christian Bale
    4. RDJr
    5. Liam Neeson
    6. Mark Wahlberg
    7. Leonardo DiCaprio
    8. Tom Cruise
    9. Andrew Garfield
    10. Liam/Chris Hemsworth

  63. Peter lorre
    Charles laughton
    Edward g Robinson
    Have been favorites of mine for years, all were simply great actors.
    Also liked Jackie Gleason, many remember him only as a comedic actor, but he was one of the most talented film actors of his time as well.

  64. John Ritter, Vince Vaughan, Adam Sandler,Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, Bradley Cooper,Henry Winkler Elvis, Michael Keating. Michael j Fox
    Maybe I’m thinking of the top 200 also health ledger is to high

  65. I was never a big fan of Johnny Depp to be honest. I think Robert De Niro is right up there so I agree with that and I feel Tim Robbins should be higher as well. Mystic River and Shawshank Redemption,classics.

  66. the great alfredo james pacino out of ten?
    are u sure of that?dont make me laugh dude
    he s just goooooooddddddddddddddd
    i agree with the top 10
    and there is just one guy i think a bit higher than pacino,with out no hesitation marlon brando
    i recommend take a look at godfather series,serpico,scent of a woman,dog day afternoon,dick tracy,scarface and ……then we ll discuss about that looser

  67. chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Anthony Hopkins, peter o’toole, Anthony quin, Samuel l Jackson, bill cosby, George Clooney, vin diesel, paul walker, Jason statham, roger moore, nick nolte, and many more

  68. Charles Laughton was one of the finest character actor ever. But people only remember the leading man and woman types. Because that’s what Hollywood tells them too. When most of them couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. Few compare to this legendary actor!

    Yet…. I see they also left off Spencer Tracy too!!! ….and nobody was more natural playing a whole host of roles that Spencer Tracy. Both were never cast as leading men in the Hollywood sense of what a leading man was supposed to be. Tall dark and handsome!

    When most of the greatest Hollywood actors have never fit the role!

  69. Woody Harrelson should crack top 100 and Steve Martin should be ranked a little better than 80. Planes Trains and Automobiles = best comedy ever

  70. Great list. I don’t think al Pacino should be above DeNiro and Nicholson thought. I also think Ewan McGregor and Woody Harrelson should be on there too. And for the record, it’s Willem DaFoe not William DaFoe

  71. sorry but robert deniro is great but playing virtually the same charecter in 80% of all your movies does not put you ahead of daniel or jack. Jack has the most oscar noms of all time for male actors and is just an abosolute joy to watch time and again. And Daniel is hands down the greatest actor of all time, i barely recognize him from movie to movie because he is so good at convincing people he is the charecter he is portraying. Brando is classic but he had his chance and he did great but i honestly think jack and daniel come before him. I mean don juan cmon.

  72. Robin Williams should be in the top 5, he has played a variety of different Characters, From comedy, Scary, Creepy Stalker, Passionate loving Doctor, The guy played Peter Pan and Captain Hook, He went from Playing a woman to a Robot.
    Robin Williams I believe is a great actor.

  73. Nicholas Cage should not be that high in the rankings. His caliber as an actors is no where near Robert Downey Jr. Let alone Harrison Ford and Christopher Walken.

  74. My baby Christian Bale, #13!?!???!!!!! I am so proud.๎”๎๎Ÿ but Hugh jackman doe… What about Joseph gordon Levit?

  75. Daniel Craig should be on this list. Alan Arkin as well. Please remove Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg.

  76. I personally think that Robin Williams should have gotten into the number one spot on this list or at the very least in the top five.

  77. Christian Bale should not be on the list, he cannot even pronounce the letter ‘S’ without hissing and gives the same performance every film. His Batman with the dog growling voice and shouting was a lousy performance.

    Laurence Olivier is not on the list but Arnie, Sly and Clint are? This is beyond a joke. Gary Oldman could run circles around the whole top 10.

  78. Did I miss Michael Caine? And how in THE BLUE is Tim Robbins ranked lower than Stallone and Swarchzneger?

  79. YEAH Where is he?????? His performance in Mystic River. And i would like to add one, GUY PEARCE. MEMENTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. James Garner might be an actor who is overlooked. He may not have a body of work to be included, but when he plays a part, he seems perfect for it. In the Maverick series, the episodes with him as Bret are much better that the other ones.

  81. Where is Ryan Gosling…………………..
    He is one of the finest actor I have ever seen…..
    He is amazing……

  82. I think CHRISTIAN BALE deserves to be in top 10. For me, he is number one actor and he’ll always be the number one actor. So I’m little dissapoint from his ranking is much lesser than I expected. ๐Ÿ™

  83. Missing James Dean, Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, James Coburn, Louis Gossett Jr, Edward G. Robinson, John Belushi, John Candy, Richard Gere, Roy Scheider, George Kennedy, Burt Reynolds, Rob Lowe, John Malkovich. Overall a good list though. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Joe Pesci and Michael Douglas should be ranked higher.

  84. And that’s how it should be, the best trilogy ever made, with as far as i am concerned 3 of my favourite actors, i only miss Russel Crowe on number 5, great actor who can play any role, in any genre.

  85. What the hell was Chaplin doing at 73?! He kicked @$$ without even talking and paved the way for the rest of these guys.

  86. This list is for the most popular actors not best actors. Many popular actors can’t act and many great actors aren’t very popular.

  87. No supporter for Christian Bale … 38 … way low …. one man who does voice modulation in each of his movie, just looks perfect for every role .. batman to machinist to 3:10 to Yuma to American Hustle .. brad pitt, Liam Neeson too high on the list … but thats just my opinion

  88. I mean Charlie Chaplin has been a kinda torch-bearer for every actor around the world. There might hardly be any country or culture where Charlie Chaplin is not revered with heartfelt affection. Such an actor should be ranked somewhere among top 10 at least, if not on the top.

  89. Hi Dear,

    It is really sad to see that Charlie Chaplin has been ranked at 73 who as a matter of fact deserves to be a guide for many actors ranked above him. Would you mind making this modification to your list.


  90. Sorry let me get this straight, Arnold Swzrzenegger is not just voted ‘an actor’ but a ‘great one’ and ranked higher than Alec Guiness?!?! Seriously this is a joke right?

    BTW, Clint Eastward CANNOT act. He has one level…grimace…and one vocal tone…grimace. He annunciates every line of dialogue ultra slow and over pronounciates every vowel like a stroke victim in speech therapy.

  91. I can’t Antonio Banderas is not on thia list! Also, in my opinion Leonardo Di Caprio should be top 10 as he has shown great versatality in his acting for almost 2 decades now

  92. Charles Bronson, Burt Lancaster, Peter Falk, Jackie Chan, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Omar Sharif, Fred Astaire, Bruce Lee, Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, and (Superman) Christopher Reeve…

  93. Actor = male
    Actress = female

    Waiter = mail
    Waitress = female

    Steward = male
    Stewardess = female

    Mister = male
    Miss/Misses = female

    That’s how it was in the past and that’s how it still is today.

  94. Pears Brosnan as OO7, in a spy roll.He is best actor.Man who gives absolute response to willion charector.

  95. James dean is posily the greatestt actor of all time , he pretty much ties with brando. then you look at modern actor , bryan cranston gives oe of the gratest tv performances EVER in breaking bad!

  96. you have missed adam sandler the most comedian hollwood actor i have ever seen and now he is also ranked as the top most paid actor.

  97. Few adjustmetns I would make:
    Newman should be in the top 3 or so.
    Pacino outside of the top 10.
    Depp outside of top 30.
    Eastwood great as director but not sure how high I’d rank him as an actor.

    James Dean????

    X men First Class
    Jane Eyre
    12 years a slave
    A dangerous Method
    and who can forget “SHAME”

    He is one of the most finest actors of the hollywood industry
    He ought to get some space between in the top 20 at least

  99. I agree with alot of the comments here. Although im surprised at the inclusion of a few who really didnt set the screen alight or were just mis-cast for most of their lives. looking forward to what the new talent can do. One name to watch out, Vivi Devereaux. you heard it here first.

  100. That was really great ! He was missing in the list , Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca (April 21, 1915 โ€“ June 3, 2001), more commonly known as Anthony Quinn, the Mexican American actor, a legend . History has its truth, and so has legend.

  101. Finally Some one Got Johnny depp ranked near Top 10. I don’t why people Keep Academy Awards a standard to measure the versatility and devotion of an actor. Clint eastwood is a multi talented person and one can not forget his contribution to cinema – Mystic River, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino. Amazing list. Thumbs Up.

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