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The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 to Air in January 2018 on MBS

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 is going to air on MBS network in January 2018 and it will be available for online streaming on crunchyroll and Netflix in March 2018. Nanatsu no Taizai aka The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most popular anime series in the world.

The Seven Deadly Sins Review

Never Judge a book by its cover and The Seven Deadly Sins perfectly fit for this quote. The anime series is based on manga series of same name penned by Nakaba Suzuki. Fans of Nanatsu no Taizai manga already knew what kind of anime series they could expect but those who were new to ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ universe (especially western audience) didn’t expected much from the show.

In fact many people thought that The Seven Deadly sins would turn out to be another visually appealing anime series that is more of a fan service rather than an entertaining anime.

The Seven Deadly Sins surely broke many stereotypes that the western fans had in mind for Japanese anime. First of all the anime series focused heavily on the characters and story line so that the fans has a better reason to watch the show. You get invested in to the plot right from the beginning and keeps on craving for more.

This is the reason why The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 was voted as the most awaited anime series of recent times in a poll on Myanimelist.
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2
Like all other good anime shows, The Seven Deadly sins too faced criticism where many critics called it out for showing baseless flashy fights. But it went unnoticed due to lots of praises from fans. Now that The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 is going to air within few months we can expect that the show will give tough competition to shows like Tokyo ghoul and One Punch man.

The Seven Deadly Sins Manga

The Seven Deadly Sins world kicked off in 2011 when Nakaba Suzuki authored the first chapter of the manga series. It was well received by critics and fans alike. Nakaba was very much inspired from the middle ages fantasy novels such as the great Arthurian Legend and The lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.

The Seven Deadly Sins went on to become a blockbuster manga series by selling more than 10 million copies. A1-Pictures bought the rights for anime series and the first season aired in 2014. It was followed by a mini season titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War which consisted of four episodes (air date 2016). Since then fans are demanding for The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2.

Plot of The Seven Deadly Sins

For those who haven’t read manga or watched the anime series, here is a brief synopsis for you –

The Seven Deadly sins is set in middle ages where magic, giants, witches, vampires and other fantasy elements exist. It is set in the fictional kingdom of Liones in the region of Brittania. The kingdom is protected by seven powerful knights (Seven Deadly Sins). One among them betrays the other knights during a rebellion and thus all the knights become wanted in the kingdom. The group disbands and hide in extreme corners of the country while the kingdom is took over by the HOLY KNIGHTS (other group).

Elizabeth who was the adopted princess of the king decides to bring back the deadly sins so that she can defeat Holy Knights and bring back peace to the kingdom.

She tracks down Meliodas who is the Dragon’s sin of wrath. He is a 3000 year old man who is fitted into the body of an adolescent male. Meliodas is probably the most powerful being on the planet. He has a pet pig as companion who eats way too much.

The trio tracks down other members of the seven deadly sins including Diane (Serpent’s sin of envy), Ban (Fox’s sin of Greed), King (Grizzly Bear’s sin of Sloth),Gowther (Goat’s sin of Lust), Escanor (Lion sin’s of Pride). They find out that they were betrayed by magician Merlin (Boar’s sin of Gluttony).

Each of these characters has a unique appearance and very interesting back story. As it was hard to cover up story line in just 12 episodes, therefore A-1 Pictures ordered 24 episodes for first season.

Apart from these are the groups of Holy Knights, Weird Fangs, Dawn Roar, Pleiades of the Azure Sky, The Ten Commandments and The Vampires. All these are groups and factions of magical beings who help or stand against The Seven Deadly Sins.

Plot Date The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1 adapted the first five volumes of the manga series. There are a total of 27 manga volumes which might expand upto the 30 volumes. This means that we might see The Seven Deadly Sins beyond Season 2.
The air date of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 is already confirmed but we are yet to know about the plot and synopsis of the second season.