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Monster Musume Season 2 in Works – Release Date Pushed to Fall 2018

Anime never fails to surprise us. Monster Musume is one such unique anime series which is one of the most loved anime of recent times. Fans are eagerly waiting for Monster Musume season 2 and here is all you need to know about the future of the series.

If you have watched Monster Musume then you already know how unique this harem anime series is. But the anime series didn’t only focused on the fan service but instead also focused on the story and the comical elements.

Monster Musume Manga

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is adapted from the manga series of same name penned by Okayado. The manga series found moderate success in Japan but gained wide popularity among western audience. Seven Seas Entertainment bought the English dubbing rights of the manga series and published it in United States.

The first volume of Monster Musume Manga was released in 2012 and by 2013 it became one of the most popular manga series in western world. Excited from the popularity of Manga series in United states, Production company Lerche ran a poll on its official website regarding whether fans want to see an anime series or not.

About 90% fans voted for ‘Yes’ thus giving a green light to Monster Musume anime series. Finally Season 1 of Monster Musume was released in July 2015. It ran for 12 episodes and concluded in September 2015.

Monster Musume Season 1

Monster Musume Season 1 adapted first 2 volumes and manga series. It focused more on character introduction and chemistry among each other rather than showing a productive storyline. Still fans loved Monster Musume Season 1.
Monster Musume Season 2

Monster Musume Season 2

There were rumors that Monster Musume Season 2 will air in 2016 but that didn’t happened. In September 2017, Lerche confirmed that they are actually working on Monster Musume Season 2 but fans might have to wait longer for the second season.

Now that the second season is officially announced we can expect the Monster Musume anime universe to expand and include many other characters from the manga series.

Story of Monster Musume

For those who don’t know about Monster Musume it is a harem anime which is not suitable for all audience.
The story takes place in Japan where the government reveals that various mythological figures actually exist in the real world and they hide their identity in our society.

The government launches a policy called ‘Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act’ where no liminal and human will fight. This policy was intended to bring peace and harmony between mythological creatures and human beings.

However this policy backfired on Kimihito Kurusu (antagonist). Kimihito is young student who is living alone as his parents are overseas. He is contacted by exchange program co-ordinator Ms. Smith who asks him to give shelter to a liminal named Miia.

Miia has half body human and half body snake. She is about 26 feet and still she is not scary at all; Neither to audience nor to Kimihito. The two makes an instant pair and become good friends. However their days of friendship are numbered as the duo is joined by other girls named Papi, Cerea, Suu, Mero, Rachnee and Lala.

Miia is in love with Kimihito and she wants to marry him. Papi is half human half eagle (harpy). She is very talkative. She too falls in love with Kimihito.

Cerea is a centaur who has a dominating personality. At first she dislikes Kimihito but then she too falls for him. She give strong competition too Miia as she is very persuasive.

The fourth girl is Suu who is half human half amoeba. She has a very special condition where water can change her mental and physical abilities. Too much water can kill her. Also objects can pass through her and remain in her body fluid. She too develops a feeling for Kimihito.

The fifth girl is Mero who is a mermaid. She believes that she will find her true love in human world just like The Little Mermaid. She falls for Kimihito but hides her feeling after she finds competition with Cerea and Miia.

The Sixth girl is Rachnee who is in fact one of the most popular cosplay character in the world right now. She is half girl and half spider. I think she is given the best look in the anime series. Rachnee has a persuading personality like Miia and Cerea. She often plays prank on other girls by weaving web traps for them.

In the end we are introduced to Lala who seems like an irish fairy Dullahan. She can’t keep her head on body. At first everyone thinks she is a grim reaper who is there to take Kimihito soul but later it is revealed that she is an innocent young girl.

In the manga series it is revealed that she is in fact Grim reaper.

The first season introduced all these characters which mean that they are yet to embark their adventures like Manga series.

Release Date of Monster Musume Season 2

As of now 12 volumes of Manga series has been published and there is plenty of source of Lerche studio to adapt from. Many of the fan favourite characters from Manga series are yet to be introduced in the anime series.
Not much is revealed about Monster Musume Season 2 but we can expect it to air somewhere around fall 2018.

If rumors are to be believed then Monster Musume Season 2 will take benefit of its R Rating and show a big competition between girls to win Kimihito heart for marriage. Let’s see who will win.

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