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Sherlock Season 5 Will Happen But Release Date is Pushed Way Back

The fourth season of Sherlock was criticized by critics and a huge portion of fans yet we desperately want Sherlock Season 5 to happen. This is because Sherlock is one of the finest TV series ever made.

This makes us wonder whether or not Sherlock will return for a fifth run. The series co-creator Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are often hit with questions regarding the future of Sherlock but apart from rumours and beliefs we get no concrete answers.

Steven Moffat who co-created Sherlock in 2010 is positive that Sherlock Season 5 is very much possible but the exact date of premiere is not assured. Steven was present at a comic con panel and he answered fans that he assumes that Sherlock will surely return.

Steven further added that Sherlock is not progressing in a linear fashion. As you can see the series started in 2010 when Bennedict Cummerbatch was yet to be made fun of his name on a global level. Then the second series took place after two years. The third season came around 2014 and finally we got the fourth season in 2017 after 3 years. So definitely Sherlock Season 5 will happen but it is quite possible that the series will return may be after the stars of the series have faded into old age or may be after the next British General elections.

Sherlock Season 5
Mark Gatiss, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch discussing on whether they should return with Sherlock Season 5

Mark gattis who was the man behind giving the modernized look to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary character, stated that he was rather surprised to see such huge fan following of Sherlock. The show indeed is a global hit and even though it is not as popular as Game of Thrones but still the show has enough voices behind it to continue for a fifth season. Mark commented that he was thrilled by the enthusiasm of people for Sherlock. Mark hoped that Sherlock will justify the love of people and will gift them another season.

Martin freeman has played many memorable roles including the role of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit trilogy yet many fans recognize him from his iconic role for Dr Watson in British TV series Sherlock. Martin too was amazed by the love of people he received after the series debuted in 2010. He considers the show close to heart and believes that it gave him many good friends for life. However, upon asking the future of the series Martin was as clueless as the audience of the show.

After all Sherlock has possibly included all major story lines from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel series, so what new Sherlock Season 5 would bring to table? Season 4 was not as good as compared the previous three seasons. So can we expect it is over for Sherlock? Martin stated that he believes Sherlock should go on but he is uncertain about the future of the show.

Is it Sherlock that made Bennedict Cummerbatch a global icon or was it Bennedict cummerbatch performance as the legendary spy that made Sherlock a global hit? The question cannot be answered but one thing that Bennedict assured us about was that he is committed to the character till his hair turns grey and he find it difficult to walk. Yes, Benedict is very much interested to play Sherlock well into his old age.

Even though Bennedict hated the hairstyle and physique of Sherlock that makes him look like a girl yet he adore the character very much. He even stated that Sherlock is by far the most favourite character he ever played. He is busy playing Dr. Strange in the MCU so it is hard to say if called whether he will be able to deliver another stellar performance as Sherlock in season 5.

Considering that marvel will conclude its huge universe after the end of Avengers 4 (releasing in summer 2019) we can assume that Sherlock would not return before 2020.

Both Dr. Strange and Sherlock have totally different physique. Bennedict even gained few pound of muscles for Strange. As shooting of Avengers 3 and 4 is going back to back so it can be understood that Bennedict would not find time to lose muscle mass to play our favourite spy.

Our best guess is that Sherlock won’t return till 2020 so wait till then or you can watch other TV series that are as good as Sherlock. Til then you can browse their official site – The Science of Deduction.
Or You can read the manga adaptation of Sherlock that is right now one of the best selling manga series in the world.