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Top 10 Overrated Movies in IMDB Top 250

Most Overrated IMDB Top 250 Movies

Internet Movie Database is one of the most visited entertainment website. Fans of movies and TV shows takes IMDB as a reference to give priority to the films that they are going to watch. Why is it so? Well Because IMDB has a very popular system of user rating, where any visitor can sign up on IMDB and can vote his/her favorite films whose title are available on website. As soon as this system was introduced in IMDB, It made its own list of TOP 250 Movies called as IMDB TOP 250. The IMDB Top 250 list became a prestigious and world famous list and a lots of people even made a checklist of the movies that they had already watched or are planning to watch from the IMDB Top 250.

But is it all accurate? Sometimes i wonder that does IMDB purposely pushes some movies over the roof just to make list more stable? For a movie to become candidate to be in IMDB top 250 it should have at least a rating of 8 out of 10 voted by at least 1000 users. Interestingly you will find several movies that are rated more than 8 by as much as 50K users but are still out of IMDB top 250. On the other hand you will find movies that are merely rated 8 (sometimes below 8 like 7.9) by 20K or 30K users and they are still not in IMDB top 250. Sure, IMDB will give reasons about the users involved in voting. Well that’s a whole another topic. Here we want to discuss about the most overrated movies in IMDB Top 250 (that are interestingly pushed above by IMDB)

So Here is the list of Top 10 Most Overrated films in IMDB Top 250:

10. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
IMDB Top 250 - Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
So Whats this film is actually about? Its pacey, quiet pacey. The Plot is clever and Guy Ritchie surely knows how to keep audience tied til the end. But does this comedy of errors deserves a place in IMDB Top 250? I dont think so. The plot would have looked good on paper but when it came to real filming a lot of things were missed and left unexplained. Forcefully intermixing stories of different characters and then pushing them around in circles added pointless violence and jokes that are not so funny – will make even good film go worse. Lock, STock and Two Smoking Barrels is a one time watch film and you will probably forget about the next day you wake up. It doesnt deserve to be placed in the IMDB Top 250 movies.
9. Like Stars on Earth
IMDB Top 250 - Like Stars on Earth
Aamir khan is the only Indian actor who has more than one film listed in IMDB Top 250. 3 Idiots and Rang de Basanti are his other two films that are listed in IMDB Top 250. But does Like Stars on Earth really deserves place on IMDB Top 250? There many Indian movies focusing on kids and are really good to watch like Masoom and Anjali but Taare Zameen Par is rated too high. It surely has a good message in the end but there are films way better than Like Stars on Earth.
8. Gandhi
IMDB Top 250 - Gandhi
I Know it won eight Academy Awards and some call it as the finest performance of Ben Kingsley. I also agree with it. But there are many better films that could be in place of Gandhi in the IMDB Top 250. Gandhi is way too long and too slow that it will not keep many people awake for 3 long hours.
7. Snatch
IMDB Top 250 - Snatch
So Guy Ritchie Did it again? As if Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels wasn’t enough that Ritchie came up with a similar idea and wrote another Comedy of Errors. First of all i am not saying that these two films are not entertaining. They sure have their moments and Brad Pitt makes Snatch Cooler. But there is no way that these two films deserved to be placed among the Top 250 Greatest Films of All time by IMDB. The plots are clever but yet they depend on too much co incidences which rarely happens in real life.
6. The Wolf Of Wall Street
IMDB Top 250 - The Wolf Of Wall Street
The Wolf Of Wall Street Is Martin Scorcese fun but isn’t Martin Scorcese’ Great. Many cite The Departed as the most overrated film of Martin Scorcese but i think The Wolf of Wall Street is the one that should be put on that spot. Fans might praise Leo’s acting and Jonah Hill’s incredible performance but The Wolf Of Wall Street has too many loop holes. Martin is known for developing characters but in this 3 hour long biopic he only focused on the evil side rather than giving space to all the characters. Plus The Wolf of Wall Street was away from reality. I Guess it was Martin Scorcese’s experimental film that impressed few and was rejected by others.
5. V For Vendetta
IMDB Top 250 - V For Vendetta
I never understand why this film is up on the list for so long? I haven’t read Alan Moore’s graphic novel but those who have read claimed that The film adaption is way too dumb and is a dishonor of the novel. Those who think that Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is only film which is overrated due to its dialogues Think Again. V For Vendetta has too many and too long dialogues composed from words starting with V. I dont know how people found it entertaining. I will personally rate this film 5 or so and that too because of Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving.
4. The Intouchables
IMDB Top 250 - The Intouchables
If you’re able to make a film that touches Human sentiments even if it doesnt make sense then you can surely have a blockbuster. French film The Intouchables is a good example of that. The emotions flew way too high in The Intouchables that they flew past the logic and senses. The Intouchables is a good watch but doesnt deserve to be put in IMDB Top 250.
3. Requiem for a Dream
IMDB Top 250 - Requiem For a Dream
Requiem for a Dream is a very depressing and sad film. It surely shows the horrific effects of drug use but some scenes just doesn’t make sense. Danny Boyle did a much better job with Trainspotting. Putting Requiem for a Dream in the Top 100 Movies of IMDB shows that the list is biased.
2. Oldboy
IMDB Top 250 - Oldboy
Oldboy is a great plot turned into a stupid and unbelievable ending. A man is kept as prisoner in a hotel room for 15 years. He dont know his crime nor about his captor. First of all personally i dont think it is possible to keep someone as a prisoner in a HOTEL and that too for 15 long years. After he is released he has only 5 days to find out about his crime and his captor. Now this is still a great build up and catchy but what happens in the end? A Shocking Twist which is in fact more of a let down twist. Oldboy isn’t a movie that you can enjoy and remember forever.
1. Leon: The Professional
IMDB Top 250 - Leon The Professional
The plot of Leon the Professional is so unrealistic that even fairy tales look more real. Sure Natalie Portman did great acting but only if was a little older (Say 18 or atleast 17) and only if Jean Reno was a little younger then the chemistry between the two actors would have worked out. Plus Pushing a 13 year old girl to become an assassin isn’t a great cinema that we want our kids to see. All In all Leon:The Professional is a film that doesn’t deserce to be in IMDB Top 250.

So Which Movie do you think dont deserve a spot in the IMDB Top 250? Do you think IMDB has a biased system for IMDB Top 250.