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ABC to renew Notorious for Season 2?

Crime Drama Series Notorious concluded with Season 1 on 24 November 2016. Although the TV series got mixed reviews from critics and fans but the series was able to gain above 3 million viewers (per episode) during season 1.  This has led to speculations that ABC will renew Notorious for Season 2. ABC hinted the viewers that they are in talk about the future of the show. The channel confirmed that if Notorious Season 2 happens then the release date of the premiere will be somewhere in fall 2017. Let’s have a look on the new crime drama series of ABC and what Season 2 of Notorious hold in store for us.
Notorious Season 1 Overview
ABC announced about the legal drama series in May 2016. It was announced that the show will star Daniel Sunjata and Piper Perabo. ABC further stated that the show will be inspired from the relationship of talk show host Larry King and celebrity attorney Mark Geragos.  Notorious Season 1 was originally proposed to have 13 episodes but ABC reduced the episode count to just 10. This move was considered to be after effect of the negative reviews of critics on sites like RottenTomtoes and Metacritics. ABC stated that they are positive about the future of Notorious.
Notorious Season 2 Release Date
Notorious stars Piper Perabo as journalist Julia George and Daniel Sunjata as criminal lawyer Jake Gregorian. Julia is media mogul and she uses her power to manipulate the opinion of public. Julia produces the popular TV show Louise Herrick Live. Jake is a criminal lawyer who crosses many lines to save his client from being guilty. The show follows the dynamics between Jake and Julia.

The first episode of Season 1 of Notorious aired on 22 September 2016 and it was watched by 5.39 million viewers.  Due to negative reviews from critics, the number dropped to 4.51 million viewers by episode 2. Season 1 on an average had 3 million viewers per episode.

Notorious Season 2 Release Date

ABC is yet to take decision on Second Season of Notorious. Do you think that ABC will renew ‘Notorious’ for Season 2? ABC has habit of cancelling new shows and has cancelled several promising shows in past years so it will be interesting to see if ABC agrees on the second run of Notorious or not. We will keep you in touch with the latest news on Season 2 of Notorious. You can subscribe our feeds to get updates about Notorious Season 2.