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‘Highschool of the Dead’ Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Madhouse

The rumors of “Highschool of the Dead” Season 2 started way back in 2011 where anime fans all over the world literally sent mails and letters to Madhouse (producers) for renewing the show for a second run. However it took Madhouse 6 years to decide whether or not renew “Highschool of the Dead” for Season 2. In October 2016, Madhouse finally announced that it is considering of renewing the show.  Here is brief overview of “Highschool of the Dead” and what can we expect from Second season.

“Highschool of the Dead” Anime Series Overview:

Many fans all over the world consider “Highschool of the Dead” to be the anime version of AMC’s The Walking Dead. This is because both shows follow the same theme of Zombie apocalypse and human morals in the situation of catastrophic events. However, “Highschool of the Dead” is much more than that. Few other fans also complained that the show highly depends on skin show to become fan favorite.

“Highschool of the Dead” follows a group high school students who found themselves surrounded by the walking dead aka zombies. It all started with an unfortunate virus outbreak which resulted in global epidemic. Japan is also infected with this virus. Takashi Kimuro, a high school student gets puzzled with this virus outbreak. He along with few other students (mainly girls) and their school nurse has to escape the “Highschool of the Dead” to find shelter.  On their way they rescue a little girl with her dog. They do find shelter in an elementary school but that is not permanent. Not only they have to protect themselves from the dead but also from the living who have already adapted the new world and trying to kill and consume the other livings.

Highschool of the Dead Season 2

“Highschool of the Dead” Season 1:

Season 1 of “Highschool of the Dead” aired on AT-X and Sun TV on July 5, 2010. It ended on September 2010 and ever since fans are waiting for Season 2 of “Highschool of the Dead”.  It failed to find huge audience in Japan but become a cult hit overseas. “Highschool of the Dead” holds a rating of 7.47 on MyanimeList.net.  It is available on Crunchyroll for streaming online.

“Highschool of the Dead” Season 2 Release Date

Madhouse gave hint from time to time about the possible renewal of “Highschool of the Dead”. In October 2016, inside sources of Madhouse confirmed that Season 2 of “Highschool of the Dead” will get green light very soon. We want to inform our readers that this is an inside news. Madhouse is yet to make it official. As soon as it is made official the show will enter into the production stage. The main problem that arises for the renewal of the show is money. Madhouse is considering it to be a risky investment in Japan. But a lot has changed in the anime world since past 6 years. Now that many anime shows are available for streaming online on sites like Cruncyroll, Anime shows are getting global audience more easily. All these facts have made Madhouse to think about the renewal.

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