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Code Geass Season 3 aka R3:Lelouch Of The Resurrection to be released in 2019 by Sunrise Studios

It’s been over a year since Code Geass Season 3 was confirmed by Sunrise Studio. Writer Ichiro Okouchi confirmed in late 2016 (10th anniversary of Code Geass anime) that a third season is under talks. The studio even releases three feature films based on the first two season so that fans can refresh their memories of Code Geass events and timeline. However, after a long wait of 2 more years, Sunrise has finally hinted the release date of Code Geass Season 3.

The Office Twitter account of Code Geass first revealed the release date of the three films of the anime series. The first one titled Lelouch of the Revolution: The Awakening Path was released on 21 October 2017 while the second film Lelouch of the Revolution: The Rebellion Path released on 10 February 2018. The third and final film (Lelouch of the Revolution: The Imperial Path) in the series releases on 18 March 2018.

By fall 2018, Code Geass Season 3 aka Coe Geass RS -Lelouch Of The Resurrection will enter its production stage. This means that we can expect the third Season of Code Geass to air by Mid 2019 in Japan. However, English fans have to control their excitement (and temperament) as the dubbed version might not be available until 2020. Whoa!

There are a lot of reasons that make this wait almost unbearable. First off, Code Geass is original work of Ichiro and there is no light novel or manga series that can tell or give a hint about the future event of series.

Secondly, the second season of Code Geass (SPOILER ALERT) ended with the death of central character Lelouch by the hands of his best friend Suzaku. So we do not know how the third season will move forward with Lelouch’s death.

Yes, the official title of the third season (Lelouch Of The Resurrection) gives away a hint of Lelouch’s possible future but any guesses can be wronged by the studios.

A decade has gone with fans debating over whether or not Lelouch is actually dead. While many claims that Lelouch is as dead as a dead animal in road accident yet almost every fan wishes to see their favorite character once again on the screen.

I will not ruin the plot of Code Geass here as it is actually one of the most acclaimed anime series in the world and you will really enjoy it if you watch it by yourself. The anime series is divided into two seasons with a total of 50 episodes. All the 50 episodes of Code Geass are available for online streaming on Crunchyroll.

Code Geass Plot

Here I am giving you a brief summary of what code Geass is actually about –

Code Geass is the dream project of writer Ichiro Okouchi who was hired by Sunrise studio for an original anime series. The studio liked the premise of the series as pitched by Ichiro and hired renowned director Goro Taniguchi to direct the series.

Code Geass is set in an alternate timeline in the year 2010. The world is divided into three major superpowers namely The Britannian Empire (America), the Euro Union (Europe+Africa) and the Chinese Federation (Asia).

Lelouch vi Britannia is the son of Charles Zi Britannia and Marianne vi Britannia. He has a younger sister named Nunnally vi Britannia. He is seventeenth in line to the throne. However, his mother is mercilessly murdered. His sister witnesses the murder of their mother and the traumatizing experience cripples her.

Soon both are sent to Japan as a political hostage by their father. This comes as a shock to Lelouch who start hating his father after his dull response to their mother’s death. He pledges to destroy the britannian empire and also finding the real culprit behind her mother’s murder.

In Japan, he is enrolled to Ashford Academy. He befriends Suzaku Kururugi who is the son of Japan’s prime minister. It is during this time that Lelouch is granted a special power known as Geass by a witch named CC (Cee Two).

Geass is also known as the power of the king and according to this power, the possessor can force the victim to do whatever they wish for (from simply submitting themselves to even sacrificing their lives). For this, the possessor has to make a direct eye contact so that the Geass can shine upon the victim. It was supposed to work only once on one person. In return, Lelouch promised to kill CC according to her wish.

It was later revealed that Lelouch has permanently gained this ability and unknowingly he misuses it. In Lelouch gains the alter ego of Zero and raise an army of Black Knights in rebel against Britannia.

For the full story, you have to watch the series. Both seasons are worth watching and it is not your average anime but a cult classic.

Code Geass R3: Lelouch Of The Resurrection Release Date

The exact release date of Code Geass Season 3 will soon be revealed by the official studio. We will update this page as soon as the premiere date is announced.