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Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED For 2020

This is big news for fans waiting for Black Bullet Season 2. Burakku Buretto or more popularly known as Black Bullet is a hit sci fi light novel series.  Burakku Buretto was adapted into a manga series and later into a super hit anime show. Black Bullet aired its first season in April 2014. Season 1 of Black Bullet ended in July 2014 and since then fans are wondering about when the second season of Black Bullet will premiere?

Looks like Kinema Citrus (studio that produced Black Bullet) has heard fans pleads and decided to bring back Burakku Buretto for a second season.

Black Bullet Anime Show and Season 1:

Black Bullet was adapted from the light novel series of same name by Shiden Kanzaki. Shiden also wrote the manga series of Black Bullet but the show derives its theme and plot details from the light novel series.

Black Bullet is set in 2021. Ten years has passed since the deadly humanity fall prey to the deadly Gastrea virus. This parasitic virus is known to attack human DNA and then turn its host into a monster.  The only thing that gastrea virus cannot penetrate is the varanium metal.  The remaining human population take shelter near the Tokyo city where the boundaries are surrounded by varanium walls.

Black Bullet Season 2

As if this tragedy was not enough, soon the survivors find out that the pregnant women are infected by the gastrea virus. The children thus born have superhuman powers. They are called as the ‘Cursed Children’.

Rentaro Saomi is a high school student whose parents died in the war against Gastrea virus. Kisara Tendo is a teen girl whose family was also killed by Gastrea virus. Enju Aihara was born after the epidemic and is a cursed child. Rentaro has lost his one leg, arm, eye due to virus but his limbs were replaced with varanium. Kisara owns the Tendo civil security agency and it is joined by her childhood friend Rentaro as Promoter and Enju as initiator. Although people have doubt on Enju’s true intentions due to her being a cursed child but she soon gain trust and prove her true alignment. Rentaro and Kisara develop a mutual affection but they never admit it. Together they fight against the evil Gastrea virus but will they ever overcome such deadly virus that wiped out the entire humanity?

Black Bullet Season 1 adapted content from all the 7 volumes in the light novel series. It received highly positive reviews and was cited as one of the best anime show of the decade.

Black Bullet Season 2 Premiere Date

Season 1 was complete in itself and many wondered that if there is any material left in the light novel or manga series that the Kinema Citrus studios will adapt for Black Bullet Season 2. Luckily Kinema Citrus has stated that they are looking forward for a second season of Black Bullet.

Upon asking about the possible release date of Black Bullet Season 2, Kinema Citrus executives stated that it will not be before mid-2020. So, Black Bullet season 2 is finally happening and it will air somewhere around July 2020.

Kinema Citrus studios will give further details (plot and characters) about season 2 of black bullet and we will update this page as soon as we get any news. Meanwhile you can subscribe our website so that you can get all the latest updates about Black Bullet Season 2.

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