Top 100 Best Adventure Movies Of All Time


Greatest Adventure Films of All Time

What are the best adventure movies ever? What are the most captivating genres of All time? Some of you might say Thriller but i will go with the Adventure Genre which is much broader than the thriller genre. Adventures movies could be widely classified as Action Adventure movies, Funny Adventure Movies, Fantasy Adventure Movies, Sci Fi Adventure Movies, Kids Adventure Movies and even Horror Adventure Films. If you take a look on the highest rated Adventure Films of All time than you will find that several of them were blockbusters and made several records at box office. Not only this but many of them were critically acclaimed globally.

Now What is Exactly an Adventure Film and How it is different from Action Movies? To conclude in short, Adventure Movies are those which are often revolved around “Adventurous” journey that is often unexpected and is full of surprises. These journeys could be on set after a treasure hunt or on historical wars or even on time travel but what all of them will have in common is the use of exotic locations which triggers positive energy in the viewer. This is the reason why studios pay huge money for adventure movies and choose the most scenic exotic locations. Among the major production companies i must say Disney Adventure Movies are evergreen classic adventure movies.

Best Adventure Movies

An Adventure film is different from Action film in many ways. First of All Adventure movies have a purpose unlike Action movies which are basically around fight and stunts. Secondly Adventure movies are mostly positive and gives you a feel good feeling. While Action movies may irritate you for repeated action sequences with no logic. May be that is why personally i prefer Adventure Films over action films.

Here i compiled a list 100 Greatest Adventure Movies of All time which are not only fun to watch but also leaves a strong impact on your mind. The List Includes Family Adventure Movies and Space Adventure Movies too.

100. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
good adventure movies
99. The Way Back
action adventure movies
98. Deliverance
great adventure movies
97. Willow
family adventure movies
96. Dune
kids adventure movies
95. Highlander
fantasy adventure movies
94. Tron
great adventure movies
93. Seven Years In Tibet
greatest adventure movies
92. Bridge to Terabithia
list of adventure movies
91. Ronin
best adventure movies
90. Stargate
best adventure movies
89. Harold and Kumar Go To white Castle
best adventure movies
88. Spaceballs
best adventure movies
87. The Count of Monte Cristo
best adventure movies
86. The Bridge on River Kwai
best adventure movies
85. Hanna
best adventure movies
84. Hook
best adventure movies
83. Jumanji
best adventure movies
82. Paul
best adventure movies
81. The Last of the Mohicans
best adventure movies