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Why Shaft May Never Return with Nisekoi Season 3?

Despite negative reviews of Nisekoi Season 2, many people are still wondering if Nisekoi Season 3 will happen or not. Here is why we believe that Nisekoi Season 3 Is put down for good and may never return. I am sorry Nisekoi Fans but you might read a lot of negative reviews on this page.

First of all for those anime fans who are unaware of Nisekoi, it is romantic comedy story that is wished by almost every guy in the world but still is very much predictable and boring. Nisekoi do have the story arc to make a strong connection with global audience yet many feel guilty for watching it.

Why, You Ask?

Because Nisekoi does not offer anything new and even a ten year old kid with little understanding of world can deduce the ending of this romantic love story.

Nisekoi (aka False Love) anime series is adapted from the 2011 manga series of same name authored by Naoshi Komi.
No the manga series is not bad at all. It is in fact very much enjoyable and has a pretty good fan following.

The anime series failed to impress critics because it did not showed the right feel and emotions of the manga series in the anime series. Nisekoi was adapted in to anime by Studio Shaft and anime fans know that the Shaft is infamous for deviating from original storylines of the source materials.

Even after criticism you will see a good rating of Nisekoi on sites like IMDB and MyanimeList. Why? Because of the storyline of Nisekoi that is actually day dream of almost every boy in the world.

Nisekoi Season 3
Don’t You Want to be this Guy?

Nisekoi follows the story Raku Ichijo who is the son a Yakuja (gangster) leader. Even though he has yakuja background yet he avoids it as much as possible and try live like a normal teenager.

When Raku was a little boy he made a promise with a girl that he would marry her. The duo had a locket and a key. Raku took the locket and the girl took the key. The couple separated soon after. For 10 years Raku has been looking for the girl who can unlock his locket with the key.

Enter Chitoge Kirisaki who is the daughter of rival gang’s (Beehive) leader. She develops a hate at first sight with Raku on the very first day of school. The hate is mutual and Raku often calls her gorilla.

With a twist of events the duo are forced into relationship by their family members. They have to be in relationship and later get married with each other so that the two rival gangs remain at peace.

To save their city and its people from a deadly massacre the two decides to fake their relationship. However, situation gets complicated when other girl enters Raku life.

One is Kosaki Onodera who is childhood sweetheart of Raku. He believes that Kosaki might be having the key of his locket. Kosaki too develops feeling for Raku and she wishes that Raku come out of the fake relationship with Chitoge.

But is this it? No. This is where the story gets weird and every boy’s best dream. As the series progresses almost every girl in the high school seems to be in love Raku.

One is Marika who believes that she has the key to Raku’s Pendant. She openly declares her love for Raku and even become his fiancée. Other is Seishiro who is bodyguard of Chitoge and a hitwoman. Even though she is presented as a tough girl yet she falls for Raku.

There is another girl Haru who is younger sister of Kosaki. She supports her sister’s relationship with Raku. Even though she considers Raku a pervert yet she too falls for him.

The list does not end here. Another girl, Yui Kanakura who is two years older than Raku develops feeling for him. Raku sees her as his elder sister and she even become his teacher but this does not stop her from falling for Raku.

Apart from these central characters we are often shown Raku being a heart throb of every girl in high school.
I am so jealous of him. Don’t you want to be Raku?

Anyways the story progresses with Raku being confused between Chitoge and Kosaki. He believes that he madly loves Kosaki but he also start liking Chitoge.

Now this is an interesting storyline yet there are many reasons that Nisekoi Season 3 will not air.

Nisekoi manga series concluded with 25 volumes in 2016. The ending of manga showed that Raku chose Chitoge over Kosaki and the two are about to get married.

Manga fans already know the conclusion of the series so least they can expect is the series to be unfunny and boring. Sadly Nisekoi Season 2 was very slow and in fact painful to watch.

Nisekoi season 1 had 20 episodes and every single episode was enjoyable. Nisekoi season 2 was shorter with 12 episodes but in terms of plot the story did not moved anywhere.

Fans should know that Japanese animation studio largely depends on the popularity of a show in japan. No matter how good a show did in foreign countries if it fails to perform in Japan then it will be shelved for good.
There are many rumors in Japanese forums that Shaft might never renew Nisekoi Season 3. But the studio has a habit of doing the unpredictable.

As of now the studio has made no official announcement regarding Nisekoi Season 3 so our best bet is that the anime series has ended with season 2. However like many fans we would love to see Nisekoi season 3 with a better story arc and funnier jokes.

If Shaft changes the plan and move Nisekoi Season 3 into production then we would update this page.

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